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    Keep in mind that she's got me trained fairly well... My Redfoot likes: Lacinato Kale (sometimes called Dinosaur Kale, but not the more modern kales) Green Leaf Lettuce Romaine Lettuce some of the "fancy" kinds of lettuce, but it depends on what she's up for that day dandelion flowers , the...
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    Found Kitten!!! Please help

    Its meowing because its feeling scared. Its big enough that it is missing whoever it bonded to before. Keeping it in a small-ish room that you can close the door of for overnight would be better than leaving it outside. Put a radio on low or other noise-making item in with it so that it...
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    Leaves and flowers.

    My favourite seed company (lots of organics and non-GMO) is:
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    Its done! (Lets be real, it will never be done)

    *Envy* That is so nice! Tell about the clear top material. I want to use your idea.
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    I saw a keeper in my area use a new paint tray. (The paint tray is the kind like if you are painting a wall with a roller * see below * - there's a reservoir at one end so you can make water as shallow or deep as the Tortoise needs, and comes with the built-in ramp. This is a picture of a...
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    Just out of curiosity (albino?)

    I've had four white cats over the years. None were albino, none had blue eyes, all were deaf. One came to me as a kitten, the rest in varying stages of the first few years of life. The first one just loved to walk across my sewing table and intentionally knock the box of pins off to watch...
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    Hurricane season 2020 is here

    That would be terrific! I went into business with someone else and instead of getting all tangled up in creating a business account with PayPal, we use my personal account that was already in existence. It was a lot less complicated and we haven't had any problems or anyone question it...
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    Hurricane season 2020 is here

    So glad they're ok (cramped, but ok). How about other things n your property? Did most else survive the storm? Can you still send mulberry leaves if I pay postage? .
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    Free Time Projects 2

    What kind of cold can a mulberry withstand? What Zone do they live in?
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    Leaves and flowers.

    Was the Mulberry Tree the one that crushed your enclosures? Are there any leaves left or did the storm take all of them? Can you still send some?
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    Hurricane season 2020 is here

    OMG! Are your Torts ok? What is your back-up plan?
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    Almost Finished Tortoise Table Help!!!

    You are going to do great with your Tortoise!
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    Almost Finished Tortoise Table Help!!!

    All of us Noobs can be overwhelmed with so much info and wanting to do the best for our critters. As you can see from my putting both types of measurement in my reply, I'm used to dealing with different countries using different systems. It seemed VERY important to make certain that it was a...
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    Indoor Enclosure Appreciation 👌👌

    That's really pretty. Where's the water?
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    Almost Finished Tortoise Table Help!!!

    I'm new here, too, but am concerned that you have said you want to keep the temp at "80c". That's FAR too hot. 80F which is 26c is good. ("80c" is 176F. ouch!) I thought at first it might have been a typo, but you used the "80c" several times. Please don't cook your Tortoise, drop...