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  1. Briannesmith1

    Sulcata Tortoise wanted

    I have a 4 month old that I’m looking to rehouse??? Is that too young for you?
  2. Briannesmith1

    Sulcata adoption

    Are you still looking to adopt?
  3. Briannesmith1

    Sulcata Tortoise wanted

    Are you looking for a hatchling, juvenile, or adult?
  4. Briannesmith1

    4 month old Sulcata for sale

    I had to create a new post because my old post was locked and I didn’t have enough posts. (Now at 100 [emoji4]) I recently adopted a Sulcata hatchling. Due to a change of plans because I developed an autoimmune disease I have to get rid of him to pay my medical bills. He/she is in great health...
  5. Briannesmith1

    Finally weighed Crush today...

    Awesome picture!
  6. Briannesmith1

    New baby Sullivan

    Prayers from Chicago![emoji1431]
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  8. Briannesmith1

    4 month old Sulcata hatchling for sale

    I will upload pictures in a couple hours the app isn’t working right now
  9. Briannesmith1

    4 month old Sulcata hatchling for sale

    MODERATOR NOTE: Because of Briannesmith1's special circumstances we have waived the 100 post rule (New members must have made 100 posts before they can use the 'for sale' section) I know, I know - she's made 97 posts just three shy of the 100 post required! I recently adopted a Sulcata...
  10. Briannesmith1

    Hatchling Growth!

    Thank you so much! He is almost 5 months [emoji4]
  11. Briannesmith1

    Hatchling Growth!

    Making quick progress! He only has the slightest pyramiding because his first month was dry, good growth rings now and developing his personality. :)
  12. Briannesmith1

    Is this setup okay for sulcata hatchlings?

    I just set mine on the substrate
  13. Briannesmith1

    Is this setup okay for sulcata hatchlings?

    The enclosure needs to be closed! It needs to be around 90% humidity all around the cage for them to grow smoothly with no pyramiding. Also, I’m not sure anyone else’s views on the blue water bowl you have in there but my tort flipped himself on it so I got rid of it. The safer the better!
  14. Briannesmith1

    Wild strawberry leaves edible?

    I will opt out! Thank you.
  15. Briannesmith1

    Wild strawberry leaves edible?

    Along with leaves can they have an occasional strawberry? I have a Sulcata.
  16. Briannesmith1

    Ugh- where do I even start?

    What the......
  17. Briannesmith1

    I need help choosing a new dog food

    I use Pro Plan for my Rottweiler, if she has developed an allergy they have a sensitive skin kind or even a weight watchers (which I use haha) I think you will be please with them.
  18. Briannesmith1

    Brookfield Zoo Illinois

    I just visited Brookfield Zoo in Illinois today and the sight of the home for these tortoises made me cry. They had a tiny enclosure with almost no hides in it. It was about 10ft by 8ft and held 6 tortoises in it!!! I tried to speak to someone on the matter but no one would give me the time of...
  19. Briannesmith1

    FINALLY he eats from my hand

    YAY that’s how it started with me too! It only takes time.
  20. Briannesmith1

    FINALLY he eats from my hand

    Just thought I would share my cute little guy finally take food from my hand during his bath! Makes me a happy mom.