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  1. CharlieM

    2 2017 Albino RES

    Although I’ve enjoyed these guys I have a chance to work with some more endangered species that I’ve been waiting on and need the space. Gerards line. Asking $100 each. Located in FL but can easily ship.
  2. CharlieM

    Unexpected cold snap.

    The weather has finally cooled off here in South Florida. Last night we dropped down to 52 degrees. Unheard of for October. Brought these 4 in. It’s always a good time to clean them up and treat any shell fungus. They are miserable but should be back out soon. They are pretty tuned into the...
  3. CharlieM


    I have hundreds of guppies in the outdoor ponds. Where can I bring them to cut the numbers back? Anyone want any?
  4. CharlieM

    Large waterland tub vs stock tank or dug pond with liner.

    Trying to decide on 3 large waterland tubs for 650 each ($1950) or a huge 900 gallon stock tank or digging a pond myself using a liner. Thoughts?
  5. CharlieM

    Redfoot for sale Link to the story. Offering this 2014 juvenile. Would love to place locally but can easily ship too.
  6. CharlieM

    Sulcata not being correctly cared for...

    Someone I know sent me this photo of their friend's tortoise. She wrote: Chompers is a giant African tortoise. He looks like he's made of wood. Very healthy... Has outdoor and indoor accommodations
  7. CharlieM

    The Chances Of The World Changing Documentary

    Has anyone watched this? @Anthony P told me about it. Very interesting.
  8. CharlieM


    This is a great book written by @Anthony P There isn't much on the web so it's nice to get some clear organized info. Apparently not many people work with them or if they have g. japonica they may not discuss it based on the controversy. Wish more people would be more open about such cool...
  9. CharlieM

    Bit by the albino bug... Albino RES

    These guys caught my eye. They should be all female and I since have no desire to breed RES I'm fine with that. I like raising young turtles and will enjoy watching these three grow up. Definitely have interesting looking patterns.
  10. CharlieM


    Martha relaxing before the eclipse.
  11. CharlieM

    Georgia Sea Turtle Center terrapins

    Many female terrapins are hit by cars traveling to Jekyll Island each year. The team at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center will extract the eggs from females that are killed or they cannot save. These are just some of the hatchlings that were incubated there. Very cool and lucky turtles. Once they...
  12. CharlieM

    Red necked pond turtle (Mauremys nigricans)

    These 4 hatchlings arrived yesterday. Pretty excited to work with them. Looks like it will take a while for them to outgrow their tub. Thank you Paul and thanks @Anthony P for suggesting them.
  13. CharlieM

    Lovely Lady from Allegara

    I happened to be driving near Allegra's house and we had casually discussed me taking home one of her girls. It's one I've really been drawn to since she happened to be lucky enough to land at Allegra and Mark's home. So I was lucky enough to adopt this beauty. She's quite large and will stay by...
  14. CharlieM

    Number ID system for notched marginal scutes

    Is there a universal notching system for identification? Does each scute represent the same number in different species and or countries? I've cpoied and pasted some examples and photos (none are mine) of what appears to be different systems.
  15. CharlieM

    They act like starving teenagers.

    Now that summer is here the torts are ravenous. Between the long and rainy days and the heat and humidity their appetite has really increased.
  16. CharlieM

    Mulberry leaves Monday.

    One of my mulberry trees produces these huge leaves. The torts love them.
  17. CharlieM

    Sunny Monday...

  18. CharlieM

    50 degrees tonight

    Unexpected cold snap down here in the sub tropics too!!! This usually doesn't happen til January. Normally I am ready for it use a CHE and tarps on the enclosure at night. During the cool days I cover a good portion of the top with plexiglass. I wasn't prepared for this so they all came into...
  19. CharlieM

    Action shots

    Today the torts splurged on some chopped romaine mixed with a soaked Origen dog food small amount of powdered calcium. It was a big hit!
  20. CharlieM

    Banana feast

    One of the greatest parts to living in south Florida is our ability to grow so much tortoise food. I have pounds and pounds of ripe bananas from one plant. Luckily they freeze pretty well. The torts devoured a few of them...