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  1. Baoh

    Coil bulb experiment

    I spoke with one of my fellows. He recommended that I obtain two lots with three replicates per lot or an even wider number of lots for any given light type to spread the variability around and build confidence. I will work this part out. I figure I would use an MVB as a well-accepted...
  2. Baoh

    Looking for a male hypo cherryhead

    I am in the market for a male hypo cherryhead. My hypos are of the more yellow-orange shell with orange-red scales variety, so any male I would hope to add would have to similar. I am not looking for an especially pale, "weak-toned", or washed out animal. I am not looking for a calico animal. I...
  3. Baoh

    Man, "somalica" are impressive.[email protected]/6219876456/in/photostream...
  4. Baoh

    Some zoo photos of a true giant yellow foot tortoise.

    Went to the Saint Louis Zoo today for some walking and so on. A female pancake tortoise was struggling in vain to dig a nest in a cage with no real substrate beneath the river rocks in its enclosure, so I told one of the zookeepers and she put her in a more accommodating setting so she could...
  5. Baoh

    Some of my tortoises

    Some pics are a bit old. Some are new. Sudanese female (a recent arrival and a bigger draw at the cargo hub than a tiger cub I had the good fortune of being allowed to hold). Some of my Gpp het Sunset Hypo animals. The rightmost animal has since found a new home. A couple out of...
  6. Baoh

    One of my leos.

    Despite the blown out whitening effect of my poor photographic execution at the time that obscures her head and body color, these are of one of my favorite geckos I have produced. She is a Giant line SHTCTB Tremper Eclipse I hatched in 2010, although her snake eyes faded away as she matured...
  7. Baoh

    Wanted - het for albino snapping turtle(s)

    Seeking hatchling(s), juvenile(s), and/or adult(s). Common or FL subspecies. I would prefer to know the sex, whether visually performed or assumed via incubation temperature. Please state all details regarding the animal or animals, including physical condition and how you came to acquire...
  8. Baoh

    Incubating a highly calcified egg

    Found a highly calcified egg today. Likely from a particular female Sulcata het Ivory that has been digging a lot of test nests and exhibiting related behavior. She has likely sneaked a nest or two by me this year (I have two areas of suspicion). It could also be another species, but that is...
  9. Baoh

    Anyone else have a Manouria that is a heavy grass grazer?

    I know most owners make note of their Manouria not eating much in the way of grass, but my largest M.e.p. female eats grass at roughly the same level as a Sulcata. At first, when introduced to the yard, she'd seek out broad-leaved weeds, flowers, mushroom, and various small critters (even ate a...
  10. Baoh

    Giant Yellowfoot using Sulcata burrow and a juvie Ivory

    First, my little female Ivory as she was stomping around and eating some grass. Next, one of my giant Yellowfoot females using a Sulcata burrow. She uses this every once in a while, but it is rarely opportune for me to capture it in a photograph. The actual burrow owner does not...
  11. Baoh

    Burmese Black using a Sulcata burrow

    I have not been able to catch a photographic opportunity where one of my giant Yellowfoot females has decided to make use of the Sulcata burrow, but today I found my female Burmese Black enjoying its muddiness after some rain.
  12. Baoh

    A few of my tortoises

    And other things. Ivory male: Het ivory female(s) in newly dug burrow: Young...
  13. Baoh

    WANTED <- Larger adult yellow foot tortoises

    Looking for larger yellow foot tortoises. 20" or greater scl. Preferably a 1.1 pair, although a single male or single female would also be seriously considered. Thanks for any help in advance.
  14. Baoh

    Some of my younger tortoises.

    Not necessarily in order: 0.0.1 (likely 0.1) Giant Yellow Foot 0.0.1 Burmese Brown 0.0.2 Gpp het Sunset Hypo 0.0.1 Gpb I'll make another thread some other time with my 1.0 Ivory and 0.4 het Ivory group as time permits. I probably won't get around to showing the Thh male unless I...
  15. Baoh

    Wanted -> Larger/Large Burmese Mountain Tortoise

    Either sex is fine. Either subspecies is fine (or an intra-specific cross). Seeking an adult or otherwise large individual with perfect scute numbering & arrangement. Thanks.
  16. Baoh

    Does anyone here keep "giant" yellowfoot tortoises?

    I, being interested in the giant "Amazonian shield" or "Peruvian" or what-have-you (depending upon who spins the yarn) yellowfoot tortoises, had a juvenile sent to me a couple weeks back. Does anyone else here keep them? Any differences you have noticed other than size in comparison to...
  17. Baoh

    Wanted -> Male Ivory Sulcata

    Seeking a male Ivory Sulcata with no physical imperfections such as split scutes. Any age from 1 year of age onwards would be fine. Thanks in advance to anyone who might contact me.
  18. Baoh

    Wanted -> leopard x sulcata hybrid

    Looking for a leopard x sulcata hybrid (again). Male or female. Size irrelevant. Perfect scutes a must and little to no pyramiding. The best means of contacting me is via email: nickolasanastasiou at yahoo dot com Thanks in advance to any and all who are kind enough to...
  19. Baoh

    WANTED- Seeking TSM leopard x sulcata hybrid

    Hi, I am looking for a leopard x sulcata hybrid. I would prefer a hatchling or juvenile that has been incubated to be male, but I would consider other possibilities. Please email me, with details and what sort of price you are looking for, at nickolasanastasiou at yahoo dot com...