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  1. lyingcat8

    New Growth - Pepperoni

    Hi all -- I hope you're all doing well and staying safe during these trying times. It's been awhile since I have posted, and if you remember, I had quite the rough time getting our little Leopard Tort set-up correctly. We got them in October and they were about 48 grams. Fast forward to...
  2. lyingcat8

    Is it normal for a baby tortoise to make croaking sounds?

    Mine was making a clicking noise when we had the humidity too low in their enclosure. I've not heard them make the noise since we corrected that.
  3. lyingcat8

    Leopard pardalis baby enclosure

    I think you just want a 50-75 watt fluorescent flood bulb. I found them at Lowe's, it was creating a basking spot around 110F, so @Tom suggested an inline rheostat to adjust the brightness slightly, since I couldn't adjust the height. Works really well. :)
  4. lyingcat8

    Suggestions on breeders

    I am currently working through the same painstaking process you've described above, but it seems like with less success. It's been some of the most challenging months watching this little baby tort struggle... we got ours in October, they're just now hitting 60g which I'm thinking is a very...
  5. lyingcat8

    My first Leo called Geo (Import stress?)

    I love the updates! Geo is lovely.
  6. lyingcat8

    Potentially Injured Beak

    Just wanted to say thanks again, Yvonne. I was able to trim the piece off fairly easily, and got almost all of it. This morning I put their food in a processor to make little bite sized pieces and they went to town immediately. Will likely wait a few days to see if I need to go back for the...
  7. lyingcat8

    Potentially Injured Beak

    Thank you!
  8. lyingcat8

    Potentially Injured Beak

    Hi all -- I feel like we've had the worst luck ever with this baby tort. We finally felt secure and like they were eating like they should be and acting like they should be, but then today I noticed that it looks like a piece of their lower jaw / beak has broken. They want to eat, they keep...
  9. lyingcat8

    Bugs in the Tort Tank

    Hi everyone - I have searched the forum quite a bit and have a feeling these are likely non-harmful bugs, but would like confirmation, if possible. It's pretty hard to get a photo of them, so hopefully this video will work... Last night I bought some pillbugs to help with population control...
  10. lyingcat8

    Should I be worried...?

    I didn't read it as passive aggressive.
  11. lyingcat8


    Hi - I was wondering if there would be an issues putting pill bugs in with a leopard tortoise baby?
  12. lyingcat8

    Food Shopping / Soaking Tote Update :]

    Great idea! Thank you. :]
  13. lyingcat8

    Many Thanks & A Few Questions

    Thank you!! I can see there is an obvious difference, but why is one preferred over the other?
  14. lyingcat8

    Many Thanks & A Few Questions

    @Tom -- Sure! Here you go! Appreciate the help ... again. :D
  15. lyingcat8

    Food Shopping / Soaking Tote Update :]

    Hi everyone -- I hope y'all are having a good weekend! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this - I am tending to stay with the Leopard Tort sub-forum for now, although I'm exploring a bit more each day. Please feel free to direct me to a more appropriate sub-forum and delete this one if...
  16. lyingcat8

    Many Thanks & A Few Questions

    I meant to say "Is this one Ok?" but failed to complete my thought... the bottom one in the black bag is the one I'm wondering about?
  17. lyingcat8

    Many Thanks & A Few Questions

    @Tom Here's the Mazuri I was using - I now see that it says LS right on the front *facepalm* -- I also had this small bag of bigger sized pellets. Is this one
  18. lyingcat8

    Many Thanks & A Few Questions

    I just read this on a separate site -- our house is usually about 70F. So, according to this I'd need the 80 watt... if I use the thermostatically controlled plug, would it make much difference if I got the 80 watt just in case? With the sizes available, you might be wondering what size you...
  19. lyingcat8

    Many Thanks & A Few Questions

    Thank you so much! It should be good, then, it is sealed and well insulated. What I'm using as a heat source right now is probably evaporating too much of the humidity. Do you have a link to the website that you purchased it from, by chance?