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  1. Blackdog1714


    What’s next Jeeps and Trucks should be for boys only? 🤠 My neighbor used to peel out in her Cherokee all the time!
  2. Blackdog1714

    Orchid Bark

    Remember “Torting ain’t easy!”
  3. Blackdog1714

    Underneath of baby Herman

    Please add photos
  4. Blackdog1714

    New wheelz.......

    One of the few things Ford still does right!
  5. Blackdog1714

    Check this!?

    It would barely last you one year before he outgrew it. Torts really need room to roam to aid in digestion . Now if you were thinking on eventually getting another then it would be a decent investment since you could easily clean and disinfect it for the next one.
  6. Blackdog1714

    Would someone please post pictures of their indoor set-up for their Russian tortoise?

    I am using a 5' round kiddie pool for my Russian for this summer. Next winter he gets the enclosure my baby leopard is using, one build like that is enough for me! It is 11' Wide 3' Deep and 2' tall THe first photo is of the pool It took three photos for this UnTechno guy to show the pool, the...
  7. Blackdog1714


    I think back to junior high everytime I get my sewing machine out! I have only done a few simple dresses for my wife years ago, now I just repair and hem-Yes I can do a hidden hem stitch
  8. Blackdog1714

    24/7 Outside Central Coast California?

    I have met persons from these same regions that were only a few months removed from there- it was a beautiful evening in Richmond 70 degrees with 40% humidity. They had on lonsleeve shirts and pants and were SHIVERING! I mean rub your arms because your so cold. I have not been there but I had...
  9. Blackdog1714

    New tortoise Mom

    If you adopt them both please make sure they have seperate enclosures. Russians are pretty rough on others
  10. Blackdog1714

    RedFoot Enclosure

    That sounds like an awesome baby starter cage. Heat/Humidity control will be a breeze. Maybe even try a 50 watt CHE or consider a Radiant Heat Panel from @Kapidolo Farms . As for the UVB Mount to the top that should be about right, but without a Solarmeter 6.5r you can not be 100% sure. At $200...
  11. Blackdog1714

    Orchid Bark

    I use that over bulk cypress mulch to save money. Petsmart sells it Online for 15.30 or so just gotta watch.
  12. Blackdog1714

    Keep on or turn off heating light at night.

    1. Under the tank heat is bad if not dangerous-torts dig to escape heat and in this case would be exposed to more heat. Also the under the tank are very unreliable and not worth the danger. 2. Basking light- for your Tort Speedy (Horsefeld) is a must since the prefer to sleep in cooler zones...
  13. Blackdog1714

    Watery eyes after eating

    It is a modified isolation diet that allergists use- helped use learn our old Newfie was allergic to beef
  14. Blackdog1714


    That is out just right for shotgun blast to the side. Throw some feed down first then send a round down the chamber maybe they won’t notice
  15. Blackdog1714

    Watery eyes after eating

    I would suggest feeding only one item a day to see if there is a reaction. Any chance it’s the substrate?
  16. Blackdog1714

    Can I use a cedar planter to grow tortoise food?

    You should be fine using as a planter to grow weeds! And other flowers, but oh how the torts love the weeds. I also grow Zinnias that they love leaf to flower!
  17. Blackdog1714

    what are weeds that are good for my tort?

    Plantain weed my russian loves it!
  18. Blackdog1714

    whats the difference between ivory sulcata and a normal sulcata?

    Marketing and selective breeding. NOt even tru albino's so. Have you seen the Redfoot/CherryHead BS talk about skyjacking prices!
  19. Blackdog1714


    This is the website https://downshiftology.com/recipes/how-to-make-homemade-marshmallows-paleo/ You have to have a kitchen-aid mixer it will kill handmixers and you arm!
  20. Blackdog1714

    Spur thigh not eating

    What are 1. Temps- Warm Side/Cold SIde/Basking 2. Humidity Level 3. UVB source 4. Substrate 5. Size Of Enclosure Photos would greatly help