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    Dried bamboo leaves ok?

    so...I caught my DT munching on dried bamboo leaves in the yard...is this ok? we don't have bamboo, but our neighbor does and the leaves always litter our yard.
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    potty-trained tortoise??

    ok...i've been SO impressed with how sweet Oogie is and how he's seemed to easily adjust here. well, i've noticed something and was wandering if it was common...but...i think he was potty-trained?????? he won't "go" in his dog house or his indoor nighttime box...when he's outside, he ONLY...
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    Is this normal?

    The last 3 days I noticed that Oogie is out and about from about 9:30/10am to 1-2pm, when he crawls in his little dog house. When he's awake, he's very active...eating...pooping...etc. But when he goes into his dog house...THAT'S IT! He's active maybe 4hrs a day (MAX) and the rest he sleeps. I...
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    San Diego rescue needs Dogloos

    The San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society is in need of Dogloo donations to provide burrows for the many tortoises cared for by the Society and it's volunteers. If interested, please contact the Society through their website http://www.sdturtle.org/donations.htm If you do not have a Dogloo to...
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    San Diego DT Seminar 3/28

    The San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society is hosting a Desert Tortoise Seminar and Adoption Event on Sat, March 28th in Poway!! If interested, please check out the details on the website http://www.sdturtle.org/March09_Event.htm I'm going!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:
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    tortoise on the menu?

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-518454/Close-door-trying-sleep-The-woman-keeps-75-hibernating-tortoises-fridges.html i know this is not a new thing...but the pic made me laugh!
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    Tortoise in the news

    sulcata jealous that owners left him at home to look at bigger torts at a zoo LOL http://www.10news.com/automotive/18932037/detail.html#- glad it had a happy ending!
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    Introducing Oogie the DT!!

    Oogie (Master Oogway) is a California Desert Tortoise! Just brought him home today! He's very curious, friendly, and active! After several laps around his enclosure, he stopped for a bite to eat...even ate some hibiscus leaves out of our hands =) Don't know his age, but he's about 11''CL. He...
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    MegaDiet Tortoise Food??

    As seen on tortoisegroup.org What have you heard about it? Any experiences with it? Recommend it? Considering it as a supplemental food (they suggest it as complete diet) for my Desert Tortoise.
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    DT burrow substrate???

    what kind of substrate should i put in my future DT's dog house burrow? should there be any moisture in it? details of the dog house, atm...2'x2'x2', wood (including floor, which does not rest on the ground), i laid down a layer of plastic carpet runner and 3/4" thick heavy-duty foam mat (to...
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    DT enclosure (for Oogie)

    Adopting a California Desert Tortoise soon (Oogie)! This is his future home...hope the pic works. Any suggestions will be great! I'm in the process of making a ramp for the dog house. It was overcast when I took the pic, but we get really good sun in this area all day. We put down Bermuda seed...
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    Soon to be DT mommy

    Hi everyone! I'm Melissa from San Diego. New to this forum and new to tort keeping (but not new to aquatics). I will be adopting a male California Desert Tortoise in a few weeks from a rescue...my oldest son has already named him Master Oogway (aka, Oogie)! We are so excited! We already have...