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    Dried bamboo leaves ok?

    thanks =)
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    Dried bamboo leaves ok?

    so...I caught my DT munching on dried bamboo leaves in the yard...is this ok? we don't have bamboo, but our neighbor does and the leaves always litter our yard.
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    night troubles in enclosures

    i started bringing my tort in at night after finding out that my secure dog house i would lock him at night was not secure enough against raccoons--they are extremely intelligent and dexterous. i have been in this town all my life and had never seen a raccoon until a few months ago...until then...
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    Am I a bad person?

    you are not a bad person. you should definitely set some rules and boundaries with her...if that doesn't work, is there another relative she can move in with?
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    Wanted: Russian Tortoise under $100!

    if you don't mind the drive, you can check out the san diego turtle & tortoise society www.sdturtle.org they have TONS of russians...will only cost you $25 for membership...after that, you can adopt as many as you want for free! but like others said, check your local rescues first!
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    Night temps

    people put heaters/lights in plastic doghouses quite often...especially in dogloos. as long as they are installed safely, it should be fine. i do bring my tort in at night...mainly for safety...he sleeps in a rubbermaid box and never seems to complain =)
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    potty-trained tortoise??

    LOL probably! :D but it's most likely the nurse in me that's use to monitoring peoples' pee :P!!!
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    potty-trained tortoise??

    ok...i've been SO impressed with how sweet Oogie is and how he's seemed to easily adjust here. well, i've noticed something and was wandering if it was common...but...i think he was potty-trained?????? he won't "go" in his dog house or his indoor nighttime box...when he's outside, he ONLY...
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    Planning of 2nd Annual So CA Annual TFO Meeting

    i'm in san diego...but due to give birth in september, so that month won't work for me (but don't plan around me LOL).
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    RES tank?

    thanks =) she is quite spoiled since my hubby only allows me 1 water turtle now. i rescued her from deplorable conditions...she had only ever been in water 2" deep (and was 7"cl when we got her), without a filter/lights/heater. she was fed 3 pellets every 2 days. she did have a rock to sit on...
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    RES tank?

    a 75g is just fine (if you fill it to the top and make an above tank basking area, it will be even better)...i don't know her size, but the usual "rule of thumb" is 10g of actual swimming water per inch of shell-length. the minimum you want to go is 5g per inch of shell length. so, let's say...
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    Spring, Eggs, RES????

    My questions are: Do I need to have a completely dry area for her? Does she need to dig? I've heard that some females will lay eggs even if they've not been around a male. What do I need to do, if anything? 1). yes, she needs to be able to completely get out of the water to dry off...if not...
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    DT enclosure (for Oogie)

    i was told by the society that heat is necessary to keep the humidity out of the burrow in our area...i live by the beach. but he also has 3 other burrows to use if he likes...one he only pees in, one he ignores, and a plastic recycling box upside down that he likes on occasion. like yvonne...
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    green vine snake lighting?

    i've heard that too...but they use the fangs in the back to get it into the system. venom on the skin without penetrating it should not cause anything more than skin irritation at most. but i am no expert on these...just have minimal experience and HAVE been bitten...to compare the experiences...
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    TFO SoCal Meeting

    awww...yea, plan another one...but not in september because i'm due to give birth LOL ! i'm in oceanside (north san diego county).
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    at least they are in pieces and not a giant ball like this http://www.lbah.com/reptile/cdtbladderstone.htm (moderator warning!! Graphic. If you're faint of heart don't click the link) i like that you give us a clear idea of what to look for --> "So...clear urine is great, white creamy urine...
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    What kind of tort is this?

    well...based on the fact she thinks it's a russian ground turtle...it's safe to assume this was NO birth defect! had she actually done due diligence to learn HOW to care for the turt, she would have found out it was NOT a russian ground turtle. i believe it was unintentional negligence.
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    green vine snake lighting?

    ooo...i hope to get one of these in the future! they are really cool! since the fangs are in the back of the mouth, they don't always get you with the venom. i got bit by a friend's and it was nothing more than like a wasp sting. this care sheet says to use UVB...
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    Who am I?

    ok...i'm new to torts, so i can't yet recognize em well...but i do know... 5. redfoot 7. NOT A TORT! lmao...that made me laugh!
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    What kind of tort is this?

    lol...good job! although, she's probably really pissed at me for tattling on her to others :cool: i've seen SOOO many box turtles in that condition (more often worse)...the pics just make me cry! the reason i emailed her to begin with was to let her know that there are turt/tort rescues...