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  1. Diane Berner

    Is our 5yr old Turtie a boy or girl??

    Hi everyone, Our Redfoot is doing great...grown alot since my last post. Weighs about 10lbs and is 13inches long... so far I've always thought Turtie (his name ) is a male but I thought I would let the experts help figure this out ... recently there has been some digging going on in the...
  2. Diane Berner

    How often to feed a 4 yr old 11" redfoot tortoise

    I'm reading things that say to only feed every other day. I have been feeding every day. Also what are the correct quantities to feed now that he's older. I have been letting him eat as much as he wants. He eats greens ( spring mix, arugula, dandelion greens and collard greens in a mix) daily...
  3. Diane Berner

    Turtie photo

    Heres a picture of my 20 month old redfoot named turtie. He wighs a little over 1 pound and is a little bigger than my hand.
  4. Diane Berner

    Hermans tortoise diet

    I work at petsmart and try to make sure the tortoises at my store are taken care of as well as i can considering the limitations that there are at these type of places (pet stores). I have a red foot but right now we just got two small 4" hermans tortoises. What is a proper diet for them?
  5. Diane Berner

    Tortoise constipation

    Hi everyone! You have all helped me before with the trials and tribulations of raising a hatchling redfoot. Turtie is now 16 months old and is still having problems pooping. He had a run in with a vet about 3 months ago and thats when this all started. He was pooping daily and then the vet dosed...
  6. Diane Berner

    Jaw growing unevenly

    My year old red foots lower jaw has been growing more than his upper jaw. Its just a slight difference, but its noticeable. At first I thought he had moth rot but new vet says no. Recommendation was to up his calcium from a large pinch twice a week mixed into a favorite food to three times a...
  7. Diane Berner

    mouth rot in red foot?

    I have a year old red foot tortoise that I've had since he was three moths old. I recently noticed that his mouth was very slightly open. There was also some brown dry matter on his upper "lip". Any ideas as to what this might be? I weigh him weekly and he was gaining about 5-10 grams a week...
  8. Diane Berner

    dark spot on bottom of shell

    My 8 month old red foot has developed a dark area in the middle of the bottom of his shell. Is this the beginning of shell rot?
  9. Diane Berner

    My 8 month old red footed tortoise may be gaining weight too quickly

    My eight month old red footed tortoise has been recovering from a respiratory infection that occurred at the end of May. He wasn't eating well for a while but his appetite gradually picked up over the last couple months. in the last month he had been gaining about 4 grams of weight a week. I...
  10. Diane Berner

    red foots and meat

    I fed my six month old red foote tortoise a bite of ground sirloin ( the leanest beef) and now he hasn't really done a good poop in a couple days. He also is not eating well. Did I get him sick? Any remedies?
  11. Diane Berner

    baby redfoot recovering from a cold is a picky eater any ideas

    My baby 5 month old re fooot is recovering from a respiratory infection and is turning into a very picky eater. He will eat nothing but squash and then nothing but a tomatoe piece and a sweet potato, etc. any ideas? He has stopped eating greens
  12. Diane Berner

    sick baby red foot

    I have a 5 month old baby red foot who has an upper respiratory problem. I bought him when he was three months old. I took it to the vet last Saturday and they found out he had parasites that caused him to become debilitated and subsequently caused an upper respiratory infection. He was put on...