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  1. KnNTiny

    Which light should I use?

    Hi Everybody, I was just talking with my mom about the light situation and we came upon these two lights. Please help us decide which light is best for my Russian Tortoise!!
  2. KnNTiny

    Please help tortoise loss a nail

    Please help me my Russian tortoise loss her nail. I don't know how it happened, all I know is that when I picked her up u saw that she only had three nails on one hand and four on the other. I don't know what to do. Here is a pic
  3. KnNTiny


    Hi I'm K of KnNTiny my sister is N and Tiny is the name of our Russian tortoise. I was wondering at age does a Russain Tort become and adult? Right now she is only three years old but I just wanted to know for the future. Here is a pic of her!!
  4. KnNTiny

    K & N's First Russian Tortoise

    Hello all. We just bought a Russian Tortoise on Sunday for the kids and they are super excited. We look forward to learning a lot here. We have the basic enclosure for her (Tiny is her name) since we are on a tight budget. The enclosure is glass, which I hear isn't the best because she can get...