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  1. Kingsley7

    Orange pimples on baby sulcatas

    Hey again everyone, I just recently purchased 4 two month old 66.6% het for albino sulcatas from a seller on fauna classifieds and I’ve run into yet another issue that the internet can’t give me a clear answer towards. I received them about 2 weeks ago and put them in a closed chamber with my 9...
  2. Kingsley7

    Looking for breeding adult male Russian Tortoise

    Hi everyone, I am planning on starting a breeding project with Russian tortoises over the summer and am having trouble finding a breeding male. I locked down two beautiful large (7" plus) females and am trying to at least find a single male to partner them up with. If anyone has any leads it...
  3. Kingsley7

    Abscess on Baby Sulcata?

    Hi Everyone, I have been dealing with quite an anomaly for the past few months with my 7 month old HET for ivory sulcata. I purchased him from Randy at tort Stork in December and noticed in late January a slight bump under his right eye on his cheek. We concluded it was probably an irritation or...
  4. Kingsley7

    Tort Stork

    Ray was great, you can tell he really cares about his tortoises and has the best interest of the animals and the customer in mind. Great prices for top quality animals. He gave me an extremely healthy 100% HET for Ivory Sulcata and it is doing amazing investigating its new home right out of the...