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  1. GotTurtles

    Getting some sun

    Enjoying a little sun before it got too cold today
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    Giving them a soaking and some pellets.
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    Some spotteds

  4. GotTurtles

    Pancake tortoise and NA Wood turtle

    Both adult females. Good health, just reducing my collection a bit. Pancake $250 NA Wood $400 Prices do not include shipping female pancake on right female NA Wood
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    Little Spotteds

    I was uploading some pics and I thought id show how the babies are growing. Just after they hatched newer pics
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    Hatchling Spotted Turtles

    Here are a couple of hatchling Clemmys guttata that hatched out here 8-19-11. They are about the size of a quarter. One hatched only one visable spot but they seem to be coming in now.
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    Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast

    Breakfast for the pancakes. Funny no matter how much food there is they always fight for the same piece.
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    Spotted and N.A. Wood turtles

    Spotted Turtles North American Woods [hr]
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    New Cherry's

    On Tuesday these three were delivered to me from Allegra. I have two kids that always name the new arrivals. Since there were three cherry's we they flipped for the honor of getting to name two of them. My four year old won and named the first one after himself, Robert, and the other was...
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    Hey everyone. I've been looking around this site for a while and I guess its time I post something here. I live on Fresno, Ca. and I got a few breeders of different species. I have Easten Hermanns, Russians and a good size colony of spotted turtles. I also have a trio of young redfoots I...