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  1. kcrawford457

    Calcium dust?

    How often are you dusting food, if you're dusting it? I have a calcium/D3 powder and I've been trying to occasionally dust my one month old sulcata's greens but anytime I do, he refuses to eat them. I don't blame him, those calcium dusts smell terrible. But I'm not totally sure if I should even...
  2. kcrawford457

    Normal weight gain?

    I got my hatchling sulcata 10 days ago. I weighed him (I'm saying him, but obviously there's no way to tell for sure) when he arrived, he was 35 grams. I weighed him again today, he's up to 40 grams. Is this a normal amount of weight gain for a 10 day span? It seems kind of fast. Maybe he was...
  3. kcrawford457

    My tortoise made friends with a huge moth

    I had an atlas moth emerge sometime early this morning before I was even out of bed. Unfortunately, she's failed to fully expand her wings. Disappointing, but not uncommon. Anyway, my little guy Hank was fascinated. Just a couple of friends, watching the clouds.
  4. kcrawford457

    Is it just me, or do tortoises seem to have unique little personalities?

    Of course they're living breathing animals, so they have feelings just like anything else. But as someone who has/does own a wide variety of reptiles, it just seems like turtles and tortoises seem to carry some of the most obvious personalities of any other reptiles I've owned.
  5. kcrawford457

    Eating poop

    I've heard that it's normal for tortoises to eat their poop. Should I be at all concerned if my sulcata is eating it EVERY time? He's about 2 weeks old.
  6. kcrawford457

    Should I just let my sulcata graze?

    So here's the deal. I've read source after source that states that the best thing to do is to just let your sulcata tortoise graze on the grasses in your yard, provided that they are pesticide and chemical free (which mine is). But my yard is fairly heavy in clover, and according to the...