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  1. Tanmay Ambekar

    Tortoise walking issues

    Hello guys I have a star tortoise she is 3 years old I just want to know about her health n important thing is her abnormal walking style . She doesn't use her palm of foot to walk she uses the other side n pls also give review about her shell thnx guys .n do watch her foot keeping style is it...
  2. Tanmay Ambekar

    Help (Star has trouble walking)

    Guys my star tortoise doesn't use his sole part of leg to walk she just slips n walk around pls help
  3. Tanmay Ambekar

    What happened to my tortoise?

    Pls guys tell me what happen to my star tortoise as their are some marks on the shell.pls help me guys
  4. Tanmay Ambekar

    Male or female?

    But pls tell about him I don't want those pictures pls just tell that he is male or female.
  5. Tanmay Ambekar

    Indian star tortoise

    I have an Indian star tortoise baby is it a shell rot pls tell me. And if it is then pls tell me cure
  6. Tanmay Ambekar

    Indian star Tortoise

    Pls tell me guys what has happen and pls tell the cure
  7. Tanmay Ambekar

    looking for tips on avoiding pyramiding

    Hello ma friend tanmay here pls tell me some tips to avoid paramading pls