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    Need Help Identifying weeds in Phoenix

    I've tried multiple websites and i'm just terrible at identifying the hundreds of weeds on identification websites. Could someone help me identify if these are ok for my sulcata? I'd really appreciate it.
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    Does anybody know of a way to dig deep for hard clay soil?

    My 50lb sulcata has picked a spot that works for him and refused to try anywhere else, but once he hits about a foot down he can't dig anymore so he's just sitting in the sun. Can anybody recommend what they did? i'm thinking an auger with some kind of bit. i'm trying to find one but all i can...
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    Are sulcatas able to survive extreme cold nights in phoenix?

    Right now in Phoenix he's doing just fine digging his burrow as it gets hotter. Occasionally, we get into the 30s and sometimes 20s on extreme nights in the winter. I tried looking up the low temperatures in Saharan Africa and couldn't find specific temperatures of where they live. All i can...
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    Is there an easy grazing plant for me to lay seed down?

    I built a backyard enclosure for an aviary, rescue tortoise. I know they eat a lot, and i'm finding new ways of getting cheap food, but i'd like to offset the cost even more and find some seed or weed he can graze on when it's not feeding time. Something that's cheap and i can throw seed down...