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  1. Polly

    Outdoor shelter

    My little Buddy is about 4 years old now and seems to love going out in the garden. We were considering moving hom out next year to become a garden tortoise when the weather is warmer, should we consider bringing these plans forward? Is it time to get an insulated shelter(dog kennel style) for...
  2. Polly

    Tired tortoise!

    We've noticed that when we put Buddy, our 4yo marginated in the garden for a few hours, the following day, he sleeps in. When out, he does plenty of exploring and we fetch him in when he appears to start bedding down. Is this normal?
  3. Polly

    I don't think Buddy is eating

    We've had Buddy a month now and i have not seen him eating at all. I have seen similar threads on here but I still don't know if this is 'normal'. He has a table with coconut coir substrate which is dampened every other day.His basking area is typically 35 degrees for 15 hours on a timer and...
  4. Polly

    Meet Buddy

  5. Polly

    New arrival

    Last night we collected our new 6 month old marginated Tortie. True to what we were told he went straight into the hiding house in the table and won't come out. This morning we took him out and bathed him and changed his food. He was not impressed and went straight back into hiding. I've taken...