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  1. Yvonne G


    If you had a birthday yesterday, or will have in the next few days, I apologize for not acknowledging your special day. I've had a slight accident that has left me with a fractured wrist and knee cap and I'm in a lot of pain. So I'll be absent for a while.
  2. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Brian!

    @Brian Nicoleau Have a great day!
  3. Yvonne G

    Hey, Cathie: Whoo Hoo!!!

    @Cathie G We hope you have a very, very good day!!
  4. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Alex Z!

    @Alex Z Enjoy your day!
  5. Yvonne G

    And A Big Captain Awesome Greeting for Another September Moderator Birthday:

    @dmmj Hope this greeting finds you well. Enjoy your day!
  6. Yvonne G

    The Next September Moderator's Birthday:

    @Madkins007 Have a great day!!
  7. Yvonne G

    Hey Katrina: Happy Birthday!!!

    @KronksMom Enjoy the heck outta' your day!!
  8. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Erin!

    @erdavis ERIN!!! We wish you all the best on your special day!!
  9. Yvonne G

    It Takes More Than Lettuce

    If you're one of those folks that likes to feed your tortoise lettuce, bear in mind that lettuce is a crop that takes a lot of water to grow. There are no tortoises living in areas where lettuce grows naturally, hence, lettuce is NOT a natural food for tortoises. Many, many years ago I copied...
  10. Yvonne G

    Care Information
  11. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Mama!

    @Earth Mama Have a great day!
  12. Yvonne G

    Yee Haw!! Happy Birthday, Crush!!

    @Crush da Baum Have a wonderful day!!
  13. Yvonne G

    Ear Abscess

    This is a question for those of you who take care of your turtle and tortoise ear abscesses yourself. I've lanced many, many ear abscesses over the years, and never had anything go wrong. But this newest one has me stumped. It's a western painted turtle that came to me as a rescue last year. I...
  14. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Erik!

    @Erik Elvis Enjoy your day!
  15. Yvonne G

    A Surprise Find!

    I found this baby Russian in the Russian yard this a.m. I looked around carefully, but couldn't find any more, nor could I find the nest this one came out of. For now he's in a shoe box in one of the hospital tanks. I always inspect my yards for nesting activity, and have not ever seen such in...
  16. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Michaela!

    @MichaelaW Have a wonderful day!
  17. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!

    @iAmCentrochelys sulcata (I don't think you ever told us your real name) Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed! We wish you all the best on your special day!
  18. Yvonne G

    Hey, Murray - Long Time No See!!!

    @68merc Have a wonderful day!
  19. Yvonne G

    Happy Birthday, Roy!

    @popeye tortoise Enjoy your special day!