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  1. Polly

    Hello from the uk

    Hi Steve and welcome - we're also in the UK- Midlands
  2. Polly

    Interesting BBC video

    Thank you, tortoises are heroic
  3. Polly

    Adopted a Marginated Tortoise

    Thank you, Joe's Mum, I'll swap it xx
  4. Polly

    Adopted a Marginated Tortoise

    Hi Joe's Mum, (sorry to hijack your thread Samantha Louise) following your very helpful article I put a ceramic heat lamp in Buddy's kennel for if the temperature is a bit low, thinking there would be enough UV from UK sunshine, is that a mistake and should it be swapped for a light?
  5. Polly

    Hello, I have marginated tortoise here.

    Seriously cute! Welcome Kuppa
  6. Polly

    Outdoor shelter

    Thank you, your thread provided me with the inspiration to try giving Buddy the freedom of our garden and he has enjoyed the heatwave, but I'm very aware he is still very small at 500g, so I need to be careful. (He found and ate a woodlouse!) Hibernation scares me, but worry keeping him confined...
  7. Polly

    Outdoor shelter

    Thanks Tom, I appreciate that. The kennel I was looking at is small for a dog, insulated and slightly raised, and like yours has the clear flaps and hinged roof. I had fully intended putting a heat mat and thermostat in there. A purchased solution better suits my (lack of) woodworking skills...
  8. Polly

    Outdoor shelter

    My little Buddy is about 4 years old now and seems to love going out in the garden. We were considering moving hom out next year to become a garden tortoise when the weather is warmer, should we consider bringing these plans forward? Is it time to get an insulated shelter(dog kennel style) for...
  9. Polly

    Tired tortoise!

    We've noticed that when we put Buddy, our 4yo marginated in the garden for a few hours, the following day, he sleeps in. When out, he does plenty of exploring and we fetch him in when he appears to start bedding down. Is this normal?
  10. Polly

    Photos of MARGINATED.

  11. Polly

    Photos of MARGINATED.

    Lovely photos. Buddy is nearly 4 now and I put him out in the garden most days when it is warm. When he gets bigger, we'll have to put a shelter outside for him so he can stay out longer. It's completely enclosed so he can't wander and he'll be safe, so it's having the confidence to know what...
  12. Polly

    My tortoise has died

    I'm very sorry you lost your tortie xx
  13. Polly

    Tortoise wagging tail

    Our tortoise always wags his tail while walking, I thought was normal
  14. Polly

    Outdoor Accommodation in a Colder (UK) Climate

    I'm rather late to this party but this article it's brilliant - thank you. Buddy is still small as he's really still a baby marginated, but we'd love him to eventually have the freedom of our garden, which is fully enclosed, though frequented by cats. At the moment we only put him out when it...
  15. Polly

    Thanks to the advise from here, Buddy is thriving and enjoying the garden but we're not yet...

    Thanks to the advise from here, Buddy is thriving and enjoying the garden but we're not yet brave enough to let him stay out when we're out.
  16. Polly

    I don't think Buddy is eating

    Hi Yvonne, we have a heater under the sleeping area and part of the outer area with the thermostat in the sleeping area set at 20 degrees (I've just measured the sleeping area at 24). I understood the sleeping area needed to be cooler than the basking area. The basking area has a heat lamp and...
  17. Polly

    Freezing cold and wanting to get onto a basking slate with Buddy for a warm!

    Freezing cold and wanting to get onto a basking slate with Buddy for a warm!
  18. Polly

    Children and tortoises?

    I think pets are very good for children, young people, families, single and paired adults. Children who have contact with animals learn so much about compassion and life. Technically Buddy is my 9 year old son's tortoise. Previously we had not even considered keeping reptiles, although over the...
  19. Polly

    I don't think Buddy is eating

    We've had Buddy a month now and i have not seen him eating at all. I have seen similar threads on here but I still don't know if this is 'normal'. He has a table with coconut coir substrate which is dampened every other day.His basking area is typically 35 degrees for 15 hours on a timer and...