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  1. Milinda

    Tortoise crossing sign wanted

    I am looking for a small tortoise crossing sign either carved into a rock or some sort of wood; something that can stay outside in my tortoise garden and look nice. I am looking for something that is smallish, like ten inches wide and eight inches tall. Everything I have seen is really large...
  2. Milinda

    What is the best type of wire mesh for outdoor enclosure?

    Hi there, well, it is finally getting warm, and little Frida is big enough that I feel comfortable putting her outside to live. I found a great spot, but I am unsure about the best type of wire to use to keep out the raccoons. I would like to create some type of top for my enclosure that has a...
  3. Milinda

    I think my tortoise wants to hibernate.

    Greetings, I have a four year old female Russian tortoise whom I have had for one year. She lives indoors and has a heat/UV lamp. I live in Southern Cailfornia and take her outside for sun when it is warm. Last year, I bought her from a man in our area and kept her inside during the winter. She...
  4. Milinda

    My baby tortoise was attacked yesterday. Please say a little prayer for her.

    Well, yesterday, I did a really stupid thing, and now I am paying the consequences. I left my two year old Russian out in the plastic pool on the patio right near the kitchen door, and went away for an hour. I put my two dogs outside, who never touch the tortoise, to watch out for other...
  5. Milinda

    Sleepy Russian tortoise

    Hi everyone, I purchased a two year old Russian tortoise about two months ago from a man who bred a few in his back yard. The tortoise seems healthy and has clear eyes and a clean beak. It eats quite a bit. I think I have the cage set up pretty well with a mercury vapor bulb at one end of a...
  6. Milinda

    New baby Russian tortoise

    Hi everyone, I just adopted my new little baby from a man who had both parents and kept them all outdoors. She is used to being in a very sunny enclosure with three other siblings. I say this because I wanted to keep her indoors until she got a little bigger. She is two years old and about...