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  1. Mohsin khan

    keeping green sea turtle as pets

    i live in pakistan and here grean sea turtle new hatchling aare being sold in pet shops and i have bought two of them i know its illegal but i sure want to save them so i need help to keep them i want afdvice for what to feed them and the best enclosure here in pakistan they are kept in fresh...
  2. Mohsin khan

    age of red eared slider

    i have a red eared slider which i bought 1 month a ago can you please tell me the age hi shell is getting darker at first his shell was in bright colour but now its getting dark and he is about4 inches long
  3. Mohsin khan

    russain tortoise substrate query's

    i have will be buying a 6 months old russian tortoise and i live in pakistan so subrates which comes in packets are not found here so i have some wet soil and i added some fertilezer in it .It makes a very good humid enviroment .I just want to know that before adding my tortoise is the substrate...
  4. Mohsin khan

    hi! i am new

    i have 2 red eared slider and 1 russian tortoise