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  1. TKL

    Up to No Good

    Went to check up on Bacardi and found him like this...That green pot was up against the front wall of his enclosure this morning. Don't know where he thought he was going up there lol. P.S ignore my thumb in the frame :p
  2. TKL

    2 Years Old!

    Just a few pics of my now 2 year old male leopard Bacardi. Today after his soak he weighed in at 2116 grams and measured out at 9.5" shell length. He enjoys all the usual tort activities, eating, sleeping, pooping, and of course filling his water dish with substrate.
  3. TKL

    Update on Bacardi

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd give a quick update on my leopard Bacardi. As of today he's just over 18 moths old, just a hair over 8" in length and weighed in at 1259 grams! A big difference from the 2", 41 gram 11 week old I got him as Can't wait to see how he continues to grow!
  4. TKL

    A boy: Confirmed

    Back when I did a 1 year update on my leopard Bacardi, the early guesses from you fine folks were leaning towards male. As of today I can confirm that he is indeed a boy lol. I'll post an updated plastron/ tail shot when I take some new ones, but in the mean time here's a shot of the growing boy...
  5. TKL

    1 Year Old!

    Hey everyone, my leopard Bacardi is now a year old so I thought I'd post some pictures for you all to see! Here he is on the day I brought him home, at the time he was 11 weeks old, 2" long and weighed 41 grams: Fast forward 9 months to today and here he is measuring in at 5.25" in length...
  6. TKL

    Right kind of cactus?

    Saw these in my local Asian grocery store. There was no label unfortunately, so just wanted to know if these are the same type of cactus pads that other people feed to their torts. Secondly, if they are suitable, how would I go about preparing them for my 4" leopard to eat?
  7. TKL

    Shhh... You can't see me.

    Caught him in his second favourite hiding spot.
  8. TKL

    New Closed Chamber

    Hey everyone, I had some time off over the last couple weeks so I took the time to build a new closed chamber for my 7 month old leopard Bacardi. The dimensions are 4'Wx8'Lx3'H. I built the frame out of 2x3's and the walls are 5/8" plywood. The windows are 2 pieces of 2'x4' plexiglass...
  9. TKL

    Parlour Palm?

    Anyone know if parlour palm is a safe plant to put in an indoor enclosure?
  10. TKL

    Endangered Burmese star tortoise hatched at Toronto Zoo

    Pretty cool, just thought I'd share. Will have to go check it out. By: Sean Wetselaar Staff Reporter, Published on Wed Aug 27 2014 The first of a rare, endangered breed of tortoise to be...
  11. TKL

    6 Months Old! With pics!

    Hey everyone, my leopard hatchling Bacardi is 6 months old this week :) When I first brought him home on May 2, he was 11 weeks old 2" long and weighed 41 grams. Today, after being home for ~3 1/2 months he is now roughly 3.5" long and weighs 140 grams! I've been raising him in a...
  12. TKL

    Beak Issue

    Hello all, I came home from work this afternoon and noticed that the tip of the lower part of my 5 month old leopard's beak was pointing more forward rather than up. It's a little hard to see from the pictures but it looks like as he bit down, the top part of his beak acted as a wedge and...
  13. TKL

    Does his plastron look healthy?

    Hello all, it was my understanding that leopards and sulcatas are hardly prone to experiencing shell rot due to sitting on overly wet substrate. However, after seeing a recent thread in which a sulcata had developed the condition I had begun to feel about a mark on the plastron of my leo...
  14. TKL

    New Hatchling

    Hey everyone, yesterday I picked up a new baby leopard. He/she is a little bumpy but hopefully now that its come home with me to live in a closed chamber it'll eventually smooth out. In any case I'll love it just the same! This little one Eats. Like. A. Machine. Since arriving here yesterday the...
  15. TKL

    Baby Leo Sudden Death?? :(

    This morning as soon as the lights came on my baby was out and about waiting for his food. A few hours later when I came to give him his soak he wasn't moving, totally stiff, and completely unresponsive. I am completely heartbroken and utterly confused. It has been exactly one month since i...
  16. TKL

    Sphagnum moss in eye?

    Hey everyone, My baby leopard appears to have a very fine piece sphagnum moss (almost like a hair) in its eye. Every time I try and pick him up to inspect/remove it he pulls his head back into his shell. Just wanted to get all of your opinions on the matter. Is it something I should worry...
  17. TKL

    Greetings from Toronto!

    Hello everyone, I'm so excited, just got my baby leo settled into his new home! Haven't decided on a name yet but I'm sure one will come to me :D Looking forward to sharing and learning with you all for a long time to come.
  18. TKL

    First Enclosure

    Hello all, for the past 3 weeks I've been reading the forum trying to get as much information as I can in anticipation of receiving my first Tortoise! I've just finished setting up my enclosure for my baby leopard tortoise which will arrive on either Wednesday or Thursday. I'm so excited I...