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  1. Redstrike

    Redfoots outside

    Was outside with the group and snagged some pictures. @allegraf the mothers are in parentheses. Mandarin (Oren) Coagi (?) Mimosa (Rambutan @cdmay - I recall you had stock in this tortoise) Rafiki (Lemon Head)
  2. Redstrike

    Outside with the crew (4)

    Not on here enough...
  3. Redstrike

    Redfoot care sheet via Northeast North America

    @cdmay @Madkins007 @CharlieM @allegraf @kathyth @Yvonne G @Redfoot NERD @Will @Tom @Markw84 @TechnoCheese All, Please find and critique this draft care sheet. I have included a handful of people at the top that I recall conversing with fairly regularly on TFO prior to my previous hiatus or...
  4. Redstrike

    Busted Herpstat 4, Incredible Customer Service

    So we recently moved and I just completed my tortoise enclosure for my 4 redfoots. My wife accidentally plugged the vacuum cleaner into one of the power supplies that was operating the CHE's of my Herpstat 4 and wreaked that output. I contacted Spyder Robotics...
  5. Redstrike

    Temporary moving enclosure

    I use these for moving, thought I would share. As you can see they are unacceptable for long term use based on the size. They do allow us to move and take down the current enclosure.
  6. Redstrike

    Then and now (hatchling to subadult pics)

    They've changed noticeably as they grew from hatchlings: Coagi: Rafiki: Mandarin: Mimosa: I see some remarkable changes, but they're my tortoises so it's easy for me to see any nuance.
  7. Redstrike

    Herpstat 4 (Spyder Robotics)

    Caring for redfoots in the northeast means I have to keep them indoors 4-6 months a year. Setting up high humidity, sunrise/sunset, and good ambient temperatures for 4 tortoises has always been a challenge - even with a closed chamber enclosure. Roughly 5 years ago, I invested in a Herpstat 4...
  8. Redstrike

    More Fall photos

    It’s still unseasonably warm in NY so we’re outside enjoying it! My tortoises love the leaves, each year I pile them into the enclosure for enrichment. Keeping them inside during cold weather means I’m constantly battling shell rot. While cleaning Rafiki up today I noticed how colorful she...
  9. Redstrike

    Autumn outside in NY

    We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather here. They may look a little dry because... it’s autumn! You’ll notice a couple are bumpier, I couldn’t tell you why. They’re all in the same conditions...
  10. Redstrike

    Peruvian ground cherry as food

    I'm planning to give my group some Peruvian ground cherry/cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana) soon. Didn't know if anyone else had tried this or if there were any concerns?
  11. Redstrike

    Permanent structure unnecessary for long outdoor time

    I rent, so investing in permanent landscaping is not attractive or possible for me. Instead I've been using portable pet fencing; works great! Mandarin Mimosa Coagi Rafiki I'll spruce it up this weekend. For now this allows me to come home from work and put the tortoises out for...
  12. Redstrike

    Happy spring!

    First time outside this year with the group, excited to share some pictures! @CharlieM
  13. Redstrike

    Last warm day in Oct.

    Here's my 12 month old son and Coagi enjoying the last warm day in October. Yes, we kept the hand sanitizer close by...
  14. Redstrike

    A healthy dose of humility

    A couple weeks back we had a heated post on the Redfoot forum and I was pretty callous with my response, though I do not regret it. Despite the utility of stating my profession in my response, I'm slightly embarrassed I did so. It felt high-horse and arrogant. I think humility is a wonderful...
  15. Redstrike

    Male like behavior from one of my torts

    We were outside today and Coagi was dogging my other two large tortoises (Rafiki is a confirmed egg layer, Mimosa displays very female-like characteristics). Coagi repeatedly would follow the other tort, sniff their rear intently, then come around to their face and bob his(?) head. The...
  16. Redstrike

    Carolina Pet Supply

    I ordered a bunch of seeds and cactus pads from Carolina Pet Supply on June 05. The seeds were promptly delivered however the cactus pads (back ordered) have been a different story. I have called on four separate occasions spanning the three month wait for a 1lb box of cactus pads. The first...
  17. Redstrike

    Muggy day in NY

    Mimosa Coagi Mandarin Rafiki
  18. Redstrike

    July redfoots

    Hamming it up around the yard!
  19. Redstrike

    Catalpa flowers

    Anyone have experience feeding these to their torts?
  20. Redstrike

    First clutch of eggs!

    First clutch ever! I suspect Rafiki laid the remainder of her eggs, found these 6 in their hide today. This is roughly 3 weeks after she or one of my other three laid a single egg. No mature males in my group, I think they're all female bit mandarin is still too small to tell.