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  1. GotTurtles

    Turtle Conservancy (Picture Heavy)

    Very lucky to see that Yvonne. I'd like to go there one day.
  2. GotTurtles

    young sulcatas

    Have you been waiting long? I told her about you a few weeks ago. Is she taking the box turtle to you too?
  3. GotTurtles

    Do you still have the male wood turtle. For some reason I can t send you a message.

    Do you still have the male wood turtle. For some reason I can t send you a message.
  4. GotTurtles

    Actinemys marmorata

    Sorry I have no clue where you can get them.
  5. GotTurtles

    Actinemys marmorata

    Do you need info about them. I see wild ones all the time. I can't help you getting one but I can help with info about them.
  6. GotTurtles

    Getting some sun

    Enjoying a little sun before it got too cold today
  7. GotTurtles

    Turtle Survival Alliance

    I belong to TSA. I joined this year after years of thinking about it. I'm glad I did.
  8. GotTurtles

    More eggs!

    Good luck Yvonne
  9. GotTurtles

    Aljazeera America: save the Torti!

    I tried watching this but is says not available in my country.
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    New babies

    Nice find Yvonne. I've been looking everyday but no luck yet. Maybe this mornings rain might get them out.
  11. GotTurtles

    New today 9-12-14

    Nice find Murray. I've been looking everyday but nothing yet.
  12. GotTurtles

    Mulberry Tree Leaves

    My Russians eat the leaves. Heck my wood turtles and a couple of box turtles even eat them.
  13. GotTurtles

    Red Cheek Mud Turtle

    Awesome turtle. Next on my water turtle list.
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    The lowest it gets here is high 20's but mostly in the 30's in the winter. That's the coldest and they hibernate in My garage. The summers are triple digits and they are outside with a little pond and a lot of shade.
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    Yvonne, I hibernate them just like my other box turtles.
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    Some spotteds

    These three are in a large water land tub
  17. GotTurtles


    Giving them a soaking and some pellets.
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    Some spotteds

  19. GotTurtles

    rule #XYZ...

    Sounds about right. Mine always dig under the door to their fancy house.
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    New Rescue

    That's a nice big one. Let me know if she's up for adoption Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk