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  1. abbiepaigexx

    Is this shell rot?

    I've just been looking at my turtles and noticed dryness on the shell. I'm really worried. Is this shell rot? And if so how can it be cured? I would appreciate so much if someone can help me. I'm really hoping this isn't serious
  2. abbiepaigexx

    Musk turtle worry

    I have two, two year old musk turtles and I'm sure that they're very healthy!! I am just worried about one of them, as she hides herself under a rock in the tank, the other doesn't and swims around throughout of the day. I'm just wondering if this is normal? I moved the rock out but then she...
  3. abbiepaigexx

    My musk turtles!!

    Here are my turtles who I absolutely adore, although even after two years I still can't tell apart. They have different personalities but look identical! I love how they always look like they're smiling at me!
  4. abbiepaigexx

    New member

    Hey! I'm from England and new on here and trying to get the hang of things! I own two musk turtles (they are both female from what I have researched) they're almost two years old and I absolutely adore them!! I would love to hear from different owners and what their set ups are like. I've been...