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    New turtle dock

    damn thats awesome. and i am also in the process of building one with the same material. However i am just barely getting ready to clean out a new aquarium i got which is 200 gallons and get it up and running for my little guys. so thanks for the pictures they really help me get a better idea of...
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    Laying eggs

    So how do you know when a RES is about to lay eggs? I havent noticed anything out of the normal on none of my turtles. and yes i do have a male and a female.
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    new aquarium

    yup i was considering a diy filter i actually saw a couple of videos the last two days about those.
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    new aquarium

    So can anyone help me find some articles for setting up a new aquarium for my red ear sliders. I am in the process of acquiring a 200 gallon aquarium which i intend on setting up for my 2 RES. Any info would help but most importantly on the filtration system for such a big aquarium is what i am...
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    Hello newbie here

    Hello my name is Carlos and i have just joined the tortoise community. Yesterday i bought 2 little sulcata babies the gentlemen who sold them to me said they are about 2 months old. I was wondering at what point do this tortoises change in life stages. at 2 months old are they still considered a...