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  1. TriciaStringer

    Plant Id

    What is this teeny tiny weed? It is like ground cover.
  2. TriciaStringer

    Soaking Time

    81 degrees, occasional wind bluster, and sunny! Everyone is getting a nice soak outside in this amazing weather.
  3. TriciaStringer

    Types of Hay

    I have used Timothy hay and orchard grass mostly for my sulcata. I’m trying to save some money and looking for orchard hay at the feed store but I’m having no luck around here. I prefer orchard hay to Timothy. I did find coastal hay sold by the square bales. It is made from Bermuda grass. Has...
  4. TriciaStringer

    Tail Rot?

    My daughter is panicking that she thinks Mushu has tail rot. We started soaking in a betadine water solution and then applying Bactroban. What do y’all think? His tail has always been darker since we got him back in April.
  5. TriciaStringer

    Weed ID help

    I’ve used the plant app with no luck on these. The last two pics are the same plant, just zoomed in on the second one.
  6. TriciaStringer

    Grassland Tortoise Food Changed

    I like feeding my torts some Grassland Tortoise Pellets. I don’t do it often so my last container lasted almost a year. I bought a new one and upon soaking them, immediately noticed a difference. The old ones would puff up and keep their shape. My Russian eats them this way and my big sulcata...
  7. TriciaStringer

    Slidell, LA Reptile Show

    The show is January 12 and 13th. I'm planning on taking my whole family. Anyone else going? We are going on Saturday.
  8. TriciaStringer

    Please help ID

    These are popping up everywhere. Hoping they are good tortoise food.
  9. TriciaStringer


    I think okra is a hibiscus. Wondering about blooms and leaves. Do you guys feed it to your tort?
  10. TriciaStringer

    A Closed Chamber Idea

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071SH2NXH/?tag=exoticpetnetw-20 This item caught my eye. Not sure if it could work but got me thinking.
  11. TriciaStringer

    Adding On

    I spent all day working in the yard getting things ready for Pepe and my husband’s raised garden beds. Pepe is getting another 8x4 ft addition (all the way to the left). His heated night box will be in this new part, and I’m planting some edibles on this side. I really like how everything is...
  12. TriciaStringer

    Russian Night Box

    Because my husband is interested in strangling me over all the tortoise work, I had someone do most of the work on my Russian box. My husband has built a closed chamber enclosure, 4x8 night box for our sulcatas, fenced in a new yard with a dividing wall for two sulcatas, and built a Russian...
  13. TriciaStringer

    Tortoise Tried to Kill Me

    Well, my husband thinks the tortoise tried to cause my demise, but it was really my clumsiness. Yesterday I had put our almost 2yo sulcata outside in her enclosure before putting out her food. I usually have it waiting. She went to find it and when her stone was empty she went to her favorite...
  14. TriciaStringer

    My Russian Enclosure

    I just wanted to show an updated picture of how the plants grew in. The basil plant (I think that is it) took off and gives him such amazing shade. I definitely recommend using it to provide shade because they usually don’t eat it. It really doesn’t matter for me because the little turd will...
  15. TriciaStringer

    Yard Snake

    My hubby found a DeKay’s Brownsnake while mowing. My four daughters love it when he finds a treasure.
  16. TriciaStringer

    Tibby's Secret Spot

    I love watching Tibby walk purposefully across her yard to the same exact spot she has stomped down just so she can enter her secret hiding spot. We call it her doorway to her grass cave.
  17. TriciaStringer

    New Reptile Book

    http://www.learnaboutcritters.org/primer/ I downloaded this free book called a Primer on Reptiles and Amphibians. I didn't read the whole thing yet, but so far I'm enjoying it. I want to go visit this rescue. The pictures are beautiful. It's mostly snake photos, but still lots of info.
  18. TriciaStringer

    Zoo Visit

    We signed up for a class at the zoo. I knew the topic was turtles, which is why I signed up to go with my 4 year old. The picture showed the large tortoises. So deceiving and the zoo educational staff member told us she was sorry the ad made it look like we’d have an encounter with them. I told...
  19. TriciaStringer

    Weed id please

    Any ideas what this is? It likes lots of water.
  20. TriciaStringer

    Our Orangutan

    I love freaking out my Facebook people with these pics.