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  1. pete55

    New Sri Lankan group settling well

    Its now 5 weeks since we got our group of Sri Lankan Stars. A trio of young adults and a ?trio of youngsters. Since arriving they've all been treated for worms and flagelletes following faecal analysis. The combination of Panacur and then Flagyl appears to have been sucessful as demonstrated by...
  2. pete55

    New High Domed Sulcata from Spain

    Hi All. We're already growing on 2 ?female Sulcatas that are now 14 months and growing like weeds. The females are sisters from suspected Sudanese bloodline (father weighs over 200lbs). Now we've imported a light coloured 29cm ?male from Spain. He's settled in very well and we love his high...
  3. pete55

    Opinions please on sex of new baby Sri Lankan.

    Hi All I've just bought my first Sri Lankans. The smallest is a 7cm baby which was sold as a possible male. Could members please offer their opinions please? I realise its very young but hoped others may have some ideas. Hoping its a young male but if not it doesn't matter as very attractive...
  4. pete55

    New Indian Stars - Southern Race

    Hi All We've just bought 2 pairs of sub-adult Indian Stars. They were sold as true 'Dwarf' Indian Stars with their parentage originating from high altitude plateau in the Bangalore region of India. They've been settled into a naturalistic planted quarantine pen in a warm room with a UVB...
  5. pete55

    Help to sex juvenile Sulcata

    Hi All We have a 4 year old Sulcata that was incubated for female. He/She now measures 9.5 inches SCL and weighs 5lbs. The possible sex continues to confuse us as the tail is short but the anal scutes are not curving inwards to indicate a female. Any opinions would be welcome. Our adults are...
  6. pete55

    New female Sulcatas at last!

    After having our male for years we finally found a female for him. Got a 20.5inch female 4 weeks ago and they're getting on well, very well. Then a week after getting her and after 2 trial nests she laid 8 eggs. Then yesterday we took the chance to buy a 17inch female. She's very nice too but...
  7. pete55

    Need help confirming sex of new Sulcata

    Hi All. I've been offered a nicely grown 17 inch Sulcata that 8 to 10 years old. Being sold as a young female which appearscorrect from the pictures. Just would appreciate others opinions before I buy ?her on Tuesday. Many thanks, Pete.
  8. pete55

    Sexing Surprise with Sulcatas.

    Hi Everyone Well after studying loads of pictures of anal scutes and tails I thought I had become more proficient at sexing sub-adults. I'd come down to a few factors but the most important being tail length and shape of anal scutes and anal notch. I've been running on a slightly pyramided...
  9. pete55

    Sexing Help Needed before Buying please.

    Hi All and Merry Xmas. I've been offered a 32cm long female Sulcata that's 4 years old and appears healthy and nicely grown. Weight approximately 5.5kg. At this size I dont want to make a mistake and buy an immature male. Can other members offer their opinions please to help me make my...
  10. pete55

    New 3 month old trio of babies incubated for females.

    After asking for opinions of the gender of our juvenile decided to buy new babies. Bought all 3 as incubated for possible females at a definite 89F. Quick bath, photocall then settled into new home. Only 3 months old and they looked great. Also nice pale beige but look darker in the pictures...
  11. pete55

    Need Help to sex baby Sulcata please.

    Hello from the UK - my first post but a great forum and packed with information. I've had an adult male Sulcata for 4 years now and had a lot of trouble getting a female. Currently I've been raising another in the hope it's a female. She? is 8 inches length and doing well. However I'm not...