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  1. Russian Rehab

    Broken Yoke Sac hatchling Musk Turtle

    hello all I have a hatchling musk turtle who is approaching 24 hours old. The baby was born with a large yoke sac that despite my best efforts they ruptured within about 2 hours of hatching. Below I describe what I have been doing so far PLEASE comment and let me know if their is anything...
  2. Russian Rehab

    When is a hatchling ready to leave home? how big or old?

    How do I know my hatchling musk is strong enough to go to her forever home? I have a 1 week old Common Musk Turtle hatchling who is eating and swimming well. the yoke sack is completely gone and she is active spunky. I have a great forever home lined up for her that is only a short car ride...
  3. Russian Rehab

    Female Musk Digging Tunnels to lay eggs.

    Hello all., bellow i describe the nesting behavior i have seen from my female common musk this breeding season. I want to know if anyone else has noted similar behavior in their nesting turtles? I am particularly interested in why you think she might be doing this also. she is doing it...
  4. Russian Rehab

    Can lots of nutritious food increase clutch size?

    Hello, I have a FERTILE Musk Turtle who has laid 4 clutches so far (about half way through the season ) and 20 eggs in total. my research indicates both her frequency of laying and her clutch size are above average for musk. The breed is super small even as adults. She has also been...
  5. Russian Rehab

    Gravid Musk not laying

    hello alll I need help in knowing when it is time to worry/ go to the vet in regard to my musk female laying eggs. i am concerned about egg retention. here is the story. this is my first time with a femail needing to lay. i have only every had a boy before. i gave her a nesting box and...
  6. Russian Rehab

    "retained shed "

    I need some advice for my Russian named Harley. long story short i have had him for about 4 months now and he is a sickly little boy. his previous owner was horribly neglectful of him threw sheer ignorance and stupidity. He ate only spring mix, no baths, no light at all no calcium, and lived...
  7. Russian Rehab

    Pneumonia HELP!

    My Russian has Pneumonia. he just spent 2 days in the animal hospital getting fluids and antibiotics. today he got his second dose of antibiotic and he is breathing really badly. I have him warm and im soaking daily. he is not eating very much and he is gasping for air alot. is there anything...
  8. Russian Rehab

    Mod Podge and Sculpie for decoration?

    Hello alll has anyone used Mod Poge as a sealer for decorations? im making a water dish from scuplie and i was hoping to coat it in mod podge to keep it from absorbing water. both materials say non toxic and the mo podge sais it is even dishwasher safe. any thoughts on weather this would be a...
  9. Russian Rehab

    Aquatic Turtle beak

    my new aquatic turtle came with an overgrown beak. ih had my tortoise's beak trimmed but will the vet be able to trim an aquatic turtle? another problem is she is a very small very moody musk turtle. are the any natural ways to get her to trim her own beak?
  10. Russian Rehab

    Pee Pee Problems

    Hello all, New first time owner of a previously severally neglected Russian T. My question Do you think LOts of Pee means he properly hydrated/ in good shape or could it be considered diarrhea ? A quick history: He came from a glass fish tank with no light at all just ambient and...
  11. Russian Rehab

    Rainbow Trout for Musk Turtle safe?

    I read that you can feed certain kinds of fish from the grocery store to turtles in moderation. would rainbow trout be safe for my musk turtles every once in a while? thanks
  12. Russian Rehab

    Beak too long? need an expert opinion!

    Hello all im new to the forum and Harley is my first tortoise! He was badly neglected in his last home so i have my hands full rehabilitating him. i was hopping you all could help me judge his beak. i had it trimmed once already because he couldn't even eat properly when i got him but do you...
  13. Russian Rehab

    Tell me about your Russians poop? lol

    My RT Harley is a recent rescue from a terribly neglectful home. I have never owned a tortoise before but i had to save him so im researching like crazy! Harley has been having a hard time getting appropriately hydrated can you please help me by telling me 1. how often your Russian Tort...
  14. Russian Rehab

    Food for constipation?

    I have just adopted a severally neglected Russian Tortoise who i named Harley Shellraiser Von Badass. he is having trouble with constipation and a recurring penis prolapse and dehydration. He came from horrendous conditions. he had not reptile light, no calcium, only ate spring mix, lived in...