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  1. J

    Update on Stars and recent pics

    I was going to update an earlier post with pics in order that people can compare the difference since I posted back in 2009 to now but that thread has been closed!! The original thread can be found here: http://www.tortoiseforum.org/Thread-My-Stars#axzz1QcUFVUYS here are the updated pics:
  2. J

    RedFoot Nerd - Question re your Stars

    Hi I was wondering if you can post updated plastorn shots of your stars from this thread: http://www.tortoiseforum.org/Thread-Sexing-STARS-and-GROWTH-rate#axzz1DxF89IzZ Not to start a debate but for educational purposes to see the difference in a year. The original post is closed which is...
  3. J

    Orchid Cactus Safe?

    Are Orchid Cactus leaves and flowers safe for torts? Thanks,
  4. J

    Why would Posts/Threads be deleted

    Why are some posts/threads deleted? There was a recent thread asking why some people post/give information out when they are 'new' to torts etc. why was this deleted?? I think this was a good thread to leave on Tort forum to make newbies aware that just because people post and give advice...
  5. J

    Reptile Supply Store in or near Myrtle Beach

    Does anyone know of a Reptile Store or reptile supply store in or near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? I am on vacation down here and wanted to pick up some supplies while down here. Thanks,
  6. J

    My Stars

    Thought I would post some pics of my Stars as it's been a while. I lurk but don't normally post. They are too young to sex but I do see a difference in them but will/may change?
  7. J

    Pictures of my new Stars

    Finally I think I have figured the pic thing out:
  8. J

    Mac's Creatures & Critters

    Anyone know what type of wood these are made from? I bought the Mac's Creatures and Critters Pet Refuge X-Lg one now I am not sure whether I should put it in, in case it is pine. It doesn't say on the label just 'natural wood' and I can't find anything on the net saying what wood it is? Any...
  9. J

    My new Stars

    My two little Stars arrived today. They are so cute and weathered the journey fairly well. They ate like little pigs and after a little activity checking out their new place have settled down for a nap. I tried posting pics but somehow can't seem to be able to post. what is the max size...
  10. J

    New Star Owner

    I will be getting my Stars this week and I have a few questions regarding enclosure. I have read conflicting advice and want to ensure I start off right. My Stars will be around 8 months old. I was planning on doing 1/2 bed a beast and 1/2 sand for substrate with a moist hide. I have read...
  11. J


    Can someone list the above tortoise by average size from the biggest to smallest? I would like to find a tortoise that will not grow as big/heavy (weight more than anything) as sulcata's or leopards but I would like a tort that is a fair size. In some species are the females bigger than the...