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  1. AriadneHam

    Burmese Star Tortoise update

    Hello all, Baby Hannibal the Burmese Star Tortoise is a little over 2 months old now. He weights on a good day 40g. I have him eating a salad mix of grass and weeds, kale, romaine, chard, mustard, collard, and turnip tops. For some reason he does not like to eat dandelions. I have been trying...
  2. AriadneHam

    Burmese Star Hatchling Care Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm new to raising hatchling tortoises, as I've only had an already fully grown box turtle. I got my male Burmese star tortoise, captive bred, from reputable source and have had him for a little over a week. Anyways, I'm a bit worried about my little guy as. All he wants to do is...