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  1. RosemaryDW

    Should we create a tortoise forum, reddit?

    Very true. I’d hate to test rule #34 there.
  2. RosemaryDW

    Recommended Digital Temp Gun

    Lol, the price has gone up on this model exactly one penny since I bought in 2016. Talk about price per value! I love mine.
  3. RosemaryDW

    Fiber for Russian

    Lots of Plant Snap users on the forum!
  4. RosemaryDW

    Fiber for Russian

    No worries. It’s just that you will get redirected here pretty quickly and it always makes me feel a little sad for newbies.
  5. RosemaryDW

    Fiber for Russian

    Randy, it’s better if you start an independent thread when you have a distinct, new question; it will draw more attention that way.
  6. RosemaryDW

    Fiber for Russian

    Oh, people will have different opinions on this. I think there may be an advantage in a tortoise being more likely to go for young leaves of plants that may develop a bitter or strong taste as they age and thus might not get eaten. This advantage *might* be lost if older shoots/leaves develop...
  7. RosemaryDW

    Out of fridge hibernation!

    After a long four months we were able to match our schedules to a sunny weather forecast; she's been in her night box not quite 36 hours. One night to herself and then into the tub. She has drunk a ton in her soaks; more than I think I've seen her drink in her entire time with us, combined: 50...
  8. RosemaryDW


    As long as your tortoise can’t get at them, they’re fine.
  9. RosemaryDW

    Bath time!

    Good looking animal.
  10. RosemaryDW

    Should we create a tortoise forum, reddit?

    Reddit is very popular as social media; I’m in the middle, age wise, and go there often to check on what students at my school are talking about. :) I check it for myself as well, when there is a topic I’m interested in but don’t know much about. “What is this Bug” is a subreddit I enjoy...
  11. RosemaryDW

    Hello, let me introduce myself!

    Welcome to the forum!
  12. RosemaryDW

    New to forum

    Welcome! Russians are a lot of fun. Thank you for checking on what your tortoise needs before you purchase; many of us learned it the hard way. Ray—Opo is right, you need a larger enclosure. Hopefully you can reuse most of what you’ve already used in the first build. It’s better to just start...
  13. RosemaryDW

    Aspiring tortoise mom

    Welcome @beangus! Thank you for learning the right way to set up your tortoise before you get one. Most of us learned it the hard way. :o
  14. RosemaryDW

    Aspiring tortoise mom

    That’s a really good looking enclosure.
  15. RosemaryDW


    Welcome, what a pretty tortoise. Twenty years! You can get good advice on setting up a cheap table in our section on enclosures. Obviously she’s managed around them but she’ll be much safer with a cheap terracotta saucer to soak in. She can’t easily bend her head to get into what you have...
  16. RosemaryDW

    New tortoise Mom

    Welcome! The one on the right looks like a Russian that has grown quickly as of late; that would account for the thick white ring of new growth. Russians, and pretty much all tortoises, cannot be kept in pairs. They are solitary animals who see other creatures as competition as food or...
  17. RosemaryDW

    Would someone please post pictures of their indoor set-up for their Russian tortoise?

    Wecome! Have you put a query in the enclosure specific thread? You’ll probably get more feedback.
  18. RosemaryDW

    Fiber for Russian

    Yes, that’s mallow. Same family as hibiscus and other good plants. Perfectly safe.
  19. RosemaryDW

    Fiber for Russian

    Yes, it is everywhere; it’s not native and it’s invasive. Pull all you want, you’re helping native plants. It’s native to wild Russians so complete win. As for nursery plants, if they are safe for you, they’re safe for your tortoise. Hardware store, grocery store, they’re fine. You have tons...