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  1. ShirleyTX

    Mahé & Moyenne, my tortoises from the Seychelles

    These might be the most beautiful tortoises in the whole wide world. Ma is fearless, isn’t she? and seeing Mo zoom towards the other side of the enclosure is very endearing. The way their shells are growing in such high domes is a tribute to you as a tortoise keeper.
  2. ShirleyTX

    Need advice RI outbreak.

    And I am so very very sorry this is happening to you. I have always thought of you as an excellent keeper. And I’m sure you are.
  3. ShirleyTX

    Need advice RI outbreak.

    I had the same thought, that perhaps the bacteria or virus is airborne. Just as others have said, I am certainly not a turtle person. But if you go with the theory that it’s airborne, then maybe your idea to separate them all from each other is a good one. I don’t know if separating them in...
  4. ShirleyTX

    Female tortoises having a flexible plastron at adulthood

    I've read in multiple articles that the small Egyptian tortoise also has a hinge that will be slightly moveable for egg laying, especially important since Egyptian eggs can be large in relation to the female's body size.
  5. ShirleyTX

    Kapidolo Farms Review

    Food items from Kapidolo Farms can't be beat. Fresh, uniformly processed, aromatic, and packed with instructions on how to feed. Great source for dried plants!!!
  6. ShirleyTX

    Turtle is streatching neck, gaping, and making the sound!

    I guess we all knew it was coming... but he had cheated death so many times, a part of me thought him immortal. Your patience and love are a model of commitment to an animal, and I’ve been inspired. Thank you for sharing turtle’s journey with us. R.I.P. Turtle.
  7. ShirleyTX

    Commercial Tortoise Food Questions

    Here is some information already posted, but in a comparative format: My vet pointed me in this direction. (He is a tortoise-keeping chelonian lover.) He told me the Mazuri LS is a newer, lower sugar/less starch product. Better for the tort but lots of torts won't eat it. He feeds mostly...
  8. ShirleyTX

    Could it be?

    @Yvonne G Any thoughts for this excited family? Thank you.
  9. ShirleyTX

    Turtle is streatching neck, gaping, and making the sound!

    How wonderful it must be for the turtle to wake up in your hand, being petted and getting warmed up. Not feeling well and having your magic fingers appear with his favorite treats. Have a warm light to sit near while he waits for you to return and pack him up for a vet trip. Hoping hoping...
  10. ShirleyTX

    Turtle is streatching neck, gaping, and making the sound!

    I hope you are not second guessing yourself. I have wondered off and on if the turtle would need a med break at some point. If there ever has been a chelonian who can tipped the scales back, it is your turtle. Please let us know how he is in the morning, and what the vet has to say. Will...
  11. ShirleyTX

    Growing Purslane

    I thought purslane is a no-feed?.... I see it in my yard, i'd love to be able to feed it.
  12. ShirleyTX

    Tortoise Mart??

    The photo for a baby Egyptian tortoise is a photo of an adult Egyptian tortoise. Babies look entirely different than adults. Unless you know the species, you wouldn’t even know they were the same. I search for egyptian tortoises in the US fairly regularly. This is the first time I can recall...
  13. ShirleyTX

    Turtle is streatching neck, gaping, and making the sound!

    I’m always a little apprehensive when I see an update to this thread. But The Turtle continues to demonstrate why turtles have survived for 200 million years. I am especially tickled at the thought of him with his front feet on the side of his bath.
  14. ShirleyTX

    Looking to buy!

    And Tortoise Supply in Las Vegas.
  15. ShirleyTX

    Looking to buy!

    I have had others ask about an Egyptian breeder in Canada, but have never heard of one. (Maybe you are destined to be the first!) I acquired both of my Egyptians from Chris Leone at Garden State Tortoise. You will find many reviews of him in the vendor section of this forum (good reviews)...
  16. ShirleyTX

    What plant is this?

    Lucky! It’s a “feed freely” food!
  17. ShirleyTX

    Will be off list for a time

    My heart leaks tears for you and your family. You are such a lovely part of this group. I am so sorry this has happened. I wish I had words that would make it better, but.... We are with you in spirit.
  18. ShirleyTX

    Mahé & Moyenne, my tortoises from the Seychelles

    Absolutely stunning tortoises. I could look at pictures all day.
  19. ShirleyTX

    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    I had no idea... that I would pull a chair up to the enclosure and watch my tort for extended times. My house got to be a wreck lol.
  20. ShirleyTX

    New baby!

    Beautiful! Gorgeous! I would just sit and stare at that tort....