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  1. LaLaP

    Curtis has gone missing

    Happy happy day! I'm thinking of the moment you spotted him and how you must have felt.. what a feeling, eh? I'm so relieved and happy for you and Curtis!
  2. LaLaP

    Curtis has gone missing

    Oh I am so sorry this is happening to you! I know how terrible it feels when they go missing. One thing that I did when my Diego escaped was to hire a woman and her tracking dog. Her dog participated in tracking events where they locate small hidden animals (usually a mouse in a cage). It's a...
  3. LaLaP

    Strange growth on neck of tortoise?

    I have a Russian tortoises that has a smaller but similar growth on his neck. I think it's just a normal mole/freckle type of thing... but I'm no expert so hopefully you get a second opinion here. It doesn't feel like a lump under the skin does it?
  4. LaLaP

    Watery eyes after eating

    Good idea. I'll do that. He's had the same substrate for over a year. A mix of orchid bark and chunky coco coir.
  5. LaLaP

    what are weeds that are good for my tort?

    I second the plantain. My guys also love cats ear, chick weed, bitter cress, clover, dandelion and sow thistle.
  6. LaLaP

    Watery eyes after eating

    Today I noticed it after he ate some bitter cress. Tomorrow I'll feed bitter cress separately and see if it happens only after that or after other food too.
  7. LaLaP

    Watery eyes after eating

    Lately my Russian, Pops, has watery eyes right after eating. I've been noticing it a lot in the last month or so. I had assumed he was getting poked by his food but now I've been watching him eat and that's not the case. He is precise in biting his food (unlike my other Russian) and nothing is...
  8. LaLaP

    Fiber for Russian

    I think that is dock. Probably a second opinion would be a good idea. But if it is dock it's not good to feed. It's ok if she takes a bite here or there but don't include it in her diet.
  9. LaLaP

    Food Marginated tortoise hatchling

    Hi! I don't keep that species so I had to search the forum to find an answer for you. https://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/marginated-diet-questions.80711/ I found this thread that is helpful and I think the diet is that same as Russian torts which is what I keep. You can also look at a...
  10. LaLaP


    What is their average life spans? She's lovely!
  11. LaLaP

    Miss Muffit

    Hi! Welcome to the forum. What a cute tortoise yard!
  12. LaLaP

    Marginated tortoise not eating

    Try giving her a warm soak? What's the ambient temperature in her enclosure? Maybe bump it up a bit if possible. I don't think I'd leave the lamp on because the light is disruptive to their sleep.
  13. LaLaP

    Sleepy Luna

    Hi! So there could be a few things happening. First, tortoises adjust slowly to change and tend to hide and sleep a lot for awhile after a big change like a new home. Also Russians hibernate (brumate) in the winter in the wild and while it's not necessary in captivity they do tend to be kinda...
  14. LaLaP

    Hello From Central California!

    Hi and welcome to the forum! This is a great place to find trustworthy information and helpful people. Here are a few links to threads that might be useful to you. https://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/how-to-raise-sulcata-hatchlings-and-babies-discussion-thread.18448/...
  15. LaLaP

    Pops eating bitter cress

    Pops usually left bitter cress untouched on his feeding rock but then I started attaching the clumps to this little log and he gobbles them up. It makes us both happy!
  16. LaLaP

    Anyone hear of Biodude's kits?

    I found this website selling bio-active kits for lots of different reptile enclosures. There are kits for many tortoise species. Just wondering if anyone has bought one and what people think. I'm not in the market, just curious. It seems expensive and it doesn't tell you exactly what the...
  17. LaLaP

    Anyone see this video on the deformed Tortise with wheels?

    They took X-rays and I think an MRI too and it wasn't all that bad. It was just his spine and back legs that were deformed. He was eating and pooping really well for his life of 6 months. He actually died of something respitory related but not an RI.
  18. LaLaP

    Anyone see this video on the deformed Tortise with wheels?

    This little tort named Helix recently passed away sadly. I was watching his progress on Instagram. He was such a little fighter and it seemed like he would be totally fine despite his disability but sadly he just died one day. There is a children's book about him and t-shirts and such. Sweet...
  19. LaLaP

    tortoise safe plants!

    Spider plants are another good one. But if you buy a plant from a nursery or anywhere really you should assume it was treated with chemical fertilizers unless you know otherwise. And that means you shouldn't let your tort nibble on it until it's been repotted in chemical free soil and then you...
  20. LaLaP

    is this normal for the bottom shell

    That is a pretty cute tortoise belly and totally normal looking.