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  1. Millerlite

    Russian tortoise enclosures

    Tortoise in geneal dont like a lot of change. Thus being said if you want to change it every few months or yearly probably wouldn't be too much of an issue. I just would avoid changing it weekly or even monthly. They really are creatures I'd hanbit Kyle
  2. Millerlite

    Outdoor box turtle enclosure size

    Box turtles are small but love big enclosures and will use the space I would go with like suggested above 8ft by 8ft, bigger is always better.. what's also important is plants and hides. I plant box turtle enclosures pretty dense and let it grow out. Big water fishes and plenty of little hides...
  3. Millerlite

    Vitamin A for baby box turtle

    Hello, Vets seem to be quick to prescribe vitamin shots of any type and its good you are worried about that and ODing. Like others said I would not use the meds unless your turtle really really needed it and on a death bed. Your little guy looks pretty good overall and seems to be active and...
  4. Millerlite

    Debating whether to get yearling or hatchling

    really your call. sulcatas grow fast, so either way before you know it you will be having to house outdoors pretty much all the time. A hatchling can be delicate and difficult to someone new to tortoise keeping. A yearling if from a good breeder can be well started and hardier than a hatchling...
  5. Millerlite

    Bioactive Substrate recipe

    the warm nice tortoise enclosure creates a nice incubator for any eggs laid in the substrate by insects this is why you see the bugs after a few weeks adding to the enclosure. Some people counter this by baking or cooking the substrate the high temps kill the eggs and prevent them from hatching...
  6. Millerlite

    Tortoise doesn't come out

    russians are pretty sensitive to seasons. If its a wc tortoise he might be hardwired from many wild winters of hibernation. I also beleive they can feel pressure changes that might roll through winter time, and of course light cycle. Even with 14 hours of light and warm your russian may slow...
  7. Millerlite

    Pay Per Mile Auto Insurance

    The plug in drive I think is banned or not allowed in CA.. I did have progressive though and it was one of the cheaper ways to go
  8. Millerlite

    Tile (Bluetooth Missing Things Finder) for my Russian

    Only problem is sticking it to a tortoise without it coming off. Also on any species that burrows I can only imagine the signal being near nothing buried. Kyle
  9. Millerlite

    Yippee! Another Birthday!!

    Thank you guys, really didnt expect this. Always appreciated and hopefully another 10 plus years on this forum! Kyle
  10. Millerlite

    EMERGENCY!! I opened a 95-day old egg today and it's alive. What now?

    should if waited for it to hatch or rot. I know it can be tough to be patient but it's very important to stay patient while incubating eggs. Kyle
  11. Millerlite

    Question about mounting CHE

    It is possible to make it work that way. As mentioned above a small fan to help circulate the heat or if you can have some kind of metal that is bent do when it does it the metal it can directed it downward. If place being heated is pretty well insulated I beleive it would work well sideways Kyle
  12. Millerlite

    Arcadia deep heat projector

    I have a few DHP, use them for my leopard geckos and they do great for them. I use to use ceramic heaters for them and found they sat under the heat source all night. With the DHP they lay for a small amount of time and active all night. They seem to like it better just by observation. As far...
  13. Millerlite

    burmese stars: outdoors can 3 males and 1 female be ok ?

    Depends on the situation. If the enclosure us big with many barriers and hiding areas its very possible. If you see aggression and mounting behavior between males that's when you should consider speration and or letting them go and search for females. Kyle
  14. Millerlite

    Tortoise ID: Friend Gifted a Tortoise

    Yeah that's why I say texas tortoise too. I have 3 of them and looks like mine, but I can't tell how big this tortoise is... if its 12-13 inches probably not a texas. Head markings form me give it away the have those 2 Mark's on the head that yell texas tortoise to me lol.. but again I do see 3...
  15. Millerlite

    Tortoise ID: Friend Gifted a Tortoise

    Def. A desert tortoise. I would even say texas tortoise because of the head markings. They stay a little smaller than ca desert tortoises, how big is he/she ? Kyle
  16. Millerlite

    Eggs regularly being laid above ground, over one year. Does this look like chalking?

    Yeah sorry that's what I was assuming you had a group and a Male. Interesting. They are Indian star tortoises ?
  17. Millerlite

    Eggs regularly being laid above ground, over one year. Does this look like chalking?

    Is your substrate hard and compacted? Why are they being laid above ground? You have a make female I assume pair. If the ground is too hard which would have to be really hard because I've seen my desert tortoise dig through hard clay they would be force to lay above. If it's too sandy or Rock as...
  18. Millerlite

    6th largest tortoise species

    Hmm.. this can be a possibility. I guess it would be best to rank them in average. Subspecies too maybe list those seperate. Kyle
  19. Millerlite

    6th largest tortoise species

    I would say 3rd could be MTs, yellow foots, and now we are seeing reds that big. 4th leopard but some leopard can easily make them 3rd. Think MT tortoise is considered 3rd with leopard 4th. Kyle
  20. Millerlite

    Narrow Bridged Musk Turtle.

    Neat species. I have a pair of giant mexican musk turtles, and they are something else lol Kyle