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  1. Yellow Turtle01

    StarWars: The Force Awakens

    Virtually raise your hand if you're going to see Episode7 in December! Pretty excited for it, I hope it delivers.
  2. Yellow Turtle01

    Visited friends in Chicago

    Some of our very close friends recently moved to Chicago, so my family & I went to see them, and stopped by Frank Loid Right's house and the Chicago Botanical Gardens. (Also went to the Shedd Aquarium, but you aren't allowed to take pictures!) Sweet Orb Weaver spider a the gardens... A blue...
  3. Yellow Turtle01

    Max went on a walk!

    Max went on his first walk (with me) and seem to have enjoyed it quite a bit! He didn't much 'walking' but he did soak up a lot of sun and fresh air.
  4. Yellow Turtle01

    Media Issues?

    I know it as fixed, because I just uploaded a couple picture the other day, but just now it told me a 'Server Error Occurred'? Sorry folks.
  5. Yellow Turtle01

    Male RES heads

    Something I've noticed a bit more recently is that male sliders heads are bit skinnier than females. My girls heads are very large things, but mr talons' is very small. Calling out other pictures around here ;) @Daveypryme's turtle looks a little to be a little skinny in the noggin, as well...
  6. Yellow Turtle01


    It has come to my attention that Maxamillion really likes walking around (of course!) and looking out windows. I think he'd love, love, LOVE to go outside and sit for a bit in the sun, but I'm not clueless and know how that could up going... Max missing, and me feeling very upset and silly. I've...
  7. Yellow Turtle01

    Said good-bye to our kitties

    We used to have seven cats, and now we only have one. The five bundle (mother and grown-up kittens) got adopted a few months ago, and I only just thought about saying something now, so no one gets confused if I say 'cat' instead of 'cats' :) We were trying to get them adopted since they were...
  8. Yellow Turtle01

    Would you consdier RES 'beginner' level?

    I always see RES described as 'beginner' turtles, easy to take of. They are, I suppose, but it takes a lot of time and money to keep them that way. I've never had a baby res, but it still sounds like are very messy little things... and picky! :)
  9. Yellow Turtle01

    Arm Knitting

    I am intrigued! Looks like a lot of fun. :D Does anyone here make stuff 'arm knitting'?
  10. Yellow Turtle01

    Snake Plant Propogation

    Noticed yesterday our snake plant Solid Snake is growing a new shoot :D I'd love to propagate it, but it feels very firm and connected to the mother plant. Do I just yank it out? :confused:
  11. Yellow Turtle01

    Small Painted Turtle Hit By A Car

    Terrible story for this guy. I saw him the road, and as I was waking over to help him this giant JERK in a giant SUV runs over the poor thing! :mad::mad::mad::mad: And they saw me! Saw the turtle, too, I bet... Flew right into the next lane! Honestly, I feel like this guy is lucky to be...
  12. Yellow Turtle01

    Fuzzy purple plants?

    Doesn't smell bad, rather pleasant, actually... I could've sworn these weren't in the yard yesterday! :P
  13. Yellow Turtle01

    One-block wall?

    My russian's yard has a wall of two-high cinder blocks. Left side by Yellow Turtle01 posted Aug 19, 2014 at 6:27 PM I've been scheming, and I want to slip it up into different 'climate zones', and an underground hide, and heated box, and possibly make it predator proof for summer-long enjoyment...
  14. Yellow Turtle01

    Happy Birthday!

    @teresaf!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (I feel like we're cluttering up your sulcata thread :P )
  15. Yellow Turtle01

    Keystone Feeders?

    Hello! I see ads all over TFO for Keystone, and I'd like to start a cricket colony. I've never bought feeder insects online before, so has anyone had experience with them? Thank you :)
  16. Yellow Turtle01

    Nut ID

    Walnut trees grow here like crazy, but I don't know what these are. I found a pocket of them in a tree, and they've got to be from last fall, as no nuts have fallen yet. Anyone know what they are?
  17. Yellow Turtle01

    Shark Tank

    I'm a fan! Does anyone else enjoy the show?
  18. Yellow Turtle01

    MVB suddenly very blue!

    This morning I noticed a huge change in my MVB over the big turtles. You can't really see it (I even tried the light off) but it's very blue today. The output is 88ish, as usual. I don't have a UV output gun, though, so I don't know how much it's till producing. It's almost 3 months old, so...
  19. Yellow Turtle01

    Mr Maxamillion

    ...But I'm so excited. I adopted a bearded dragon. BUT WAIT! I know you're all like, WHAT? you're getting a BT! I still am, *actually :p Maxamillion is 6 years old, and my sister's friend is moving, and getting a new, full-time job, and simply won't have time for him anymore. *He came, for...
  20. Yellow Turtle01

    I found a pretty cool log...

    The river here drops all kinds of cool stuff Off in the yard, and this is one of those objects! Unfortunately , it's too small for any of the turtles (and it floats;) ) but it still looks pretty neat!