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    Russian Tortoise puffy eye and lethargic

    I will try that! Thank you so much!!! ❤️
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    Russian Tortoise puffy eye and lethargic

    @Yvonne G you're the expert! do you have any advice? i have an antimicrobial ophthalmic gel, would that help?
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    Russian Tortoise puffy eye and lethargic

    Hello! For the past week Terry has been moving more slowly and seems less interested in his food. I went to feed him by hand just now and it looks like his eye might be puffy? I have a picture of his puffy eye and his normal eye for reference. Should I take him to a vet? Would a home remedy...
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    taking Russian tortoise to the vet for the first time. any tips?

    hello! i got my Russian tortoise when i was very young. i’ve had him for 15 years now and i’m finally financially stable enough to take him to the vet. i just want to do a general check up to make sure he’s in good health. he behaves pretty normally and i think he seems fine. my biggest concern...
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    Shell Growth or Damage???

    Hello! Is Terry's shell damaged or is this normal growth?
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    weird mark on Russian tortoise's neck update?

    @Yvonne G what would you do?
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    weird mark on Russian tortoise's neck update?

    it looks better to me, but should i still be concerned? is there anything i can do to help it heal? should i try to find a vet to take a look? (the first photo is from two weeks ago, the second photo is from today) thank you!
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    weird mark on Russian Tortoise's neck? (freaking out!!)

    hi everyone! i was soaking Terry and i noticed this mark on his neck. it looks like a cut and i'm thinking maybe it happened while he was going into his shell? does anyone else think it looks like something else? and what should i do? i'm scared :(
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    Russian Tortoise soak in vitamin A?

    hi! i noticed that the skin around my tortoise's eyes was dry so i went to a reptile store and they suggested i use Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops which have vitamin A. i looked at some forum posts when i got home and many of them said to just soak him more and mist his habitat with water. i was...