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  1. burger

    another sex question

    in my group there’s clearly a female, but my biggest male just not interested her but always following another male and mount him all the time, so is it that mean that male maybe a female?
  2. burger

    any hopes this one to be a girl ?

    got 5 , 3 is certain to be boy 1 to be a girl, but this one it looks 90% to be a boy to me,but i just hope i’m wrong
  3. burger

    about the radiated sex between euro and us

    most guys here live in state said male is rare than female in the state, but in the europe, you can see often males for sale but rarely see females for sale. mine 5 , one is confirmed to be a boy, the other 4 still don't know, fingers crossed some males some females
  4. burger

    CB15 Indian star for sale UK

    CB 15 Indian star for sale, age between 3 months and yearling baby £180, all my baby star in perfect condition before they find the new home!
  5. burger

    boy or girl ??

    one of my biggest radiated showing this today, was thinking she is a girl ? also someone said the female radiated showing her things as well but look different to the male, now, I get confused boy or girl ?
  6. burger


  7. burger

    72 days old

  8. burger

    tasty flowers

  9. burger

    another two from different female still cooking in the oven

    both looks good, start to chalk up after fews days
  10. burger

    it's long days!

    128 days waiting, finally......
  11. burger

    first nice sunshine down to United Kingdom

    it's Easter Sunday it's lovely sunshine!
  12. burger

    different in 2 years

  13. burger

    just guessing.........

    I know it's hard to tell the sex for this size, but just guessing ....... 1 2 3 4
  14. burger

    lunch time

  15. burger

    my five

  16. burger

    getting bigger

    think he is boy, but who know? just hope..
  17. burger

    thats what you get for 2 years