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  1. SweetGreekTorts

    Greek Tortoise Care Guide

    This guide actually covers hatchlings and adults alike. There are no separate requirements for hatchlings (ex: they do not need warmer temperatures at night and should be allowed to cool down the same as adults). Diet requirements are the same, humidity levels are the same, etc.
  2. SweetGreekTorts

    Captive bread

    Reputable private breeders are the best source. I've purchased hatchlings from Arizona Tortoise Compound, Tortstork, and Garden State Tortoise, and I'm always very pleased with them. I know there are other private breeders as well that members here will also recommend. Just avoid the "tortoise...
  3. SweetGreekTorts

    Baby Greek humidity needs

    Yes, your baby is a Testudo graeca terrestris/Mesopotamian. Beautiful one too! I read your initial post and your temps and humidity seem fine for daytime and nighttime. I keep my humidity for this particular subspecies around 30-50% with warmer temps during daytime and lower temps (around 70...
  4. SweetGreekTorts

    Russian hatchling urine is clear...is this normal?

    Tortoises don't always pass urates when they urinate, so yours are completely fine, no worries.
  5. SweetGreekTorts

    Can anyone help tell me the sex/gender of my Russian tortoise?

    And put Goannas to shame with their digging skills!
  6. SweetGreekTorts

    Can anyone help tell me the sex/gender of my Russian tortoise?

    Petsmart only sells wild-caught tortoises. Plus the "wear and tear" is obvious in the photo. Good looking female though! Congrats!
  7. SweetGreekTorts

    Diet and Heating

    Hatchlings and babies need the higher humidity level. Adults can have lower humidity levels.
  8. SweetGreekTorts

    Greek Winter Foods

    I hope Chris has better luck with the nabeulensis this next spring/summer. I had prepaid for hatchlings from him during the Fall of 2018 that I was hoping to receive during this year's breeding season, and now I'm continuing to wait to hopefully get them next year. Looks like the waiting list is...
  9. SweetGreekTorts

    1 year !!

    Tortoise looks female with the short tail and puckered "*" cloaca.
  10. SweetGreekTorts

    Hermann’s, Russian, or Greek?

    I would say that both are Hermann's. The one with the two black stripes across the belly is definitely a Hermann's. The other one is lacking the spurs on the thighs, which also indicates a Hermann's.
  11. SweetGreekTorts

    Horsfield Tortoise - Prolapse??

    As long as it goes back in, it's perfectly fine, and normal. Tortoises will flash at times. If the tortoise is ever unable to pull it back in, and it is stuck, that would be a prolapse and would need to see a Vet.
  12. SweetGreekTorts

    Testudo graeca soussensis

    Our last hatchlings for the 2019 season... Testudo graeca soussensis, from the southern/southwestern region of Morocco. They do look similar to their marokkensis neighbors in the northern region. We will share a more detailed highlight about this lesser-known subspecies soon. These were bred by...
  13. SweetGreekTorts

    Best store bought food for Juvenile Hermanns tortoise

    I soak the Mazuri kibble in warm water until it's mushy. Can be served plain, or you can mix other foods in with it.
  14. SweetGreekTorts

    nabeulensis setups/experiences

    I've paid for a 1.2 incubated hatchling trio from Chris Leone for this season, but I have not received them yet. I would recommend reaching out to him about his set-up for this subspecies.
  15. SweetGreekTorts

    Testudo graeca terrestris - Lebanon!

    My new hatchlings from Garden State Tortoise arrived this morning. A new subspecies for my breeding program. These are terrestris, the Lebanon locale. Their names are Poseidon (incubated male, hatched 7/30/19), Hera (incubated female, hatched 8/2/19), and Aphrodite (incubated female, hatched...
  16. SweetGreekTorts

    Greek? Russian? or??? And many other questions

    Your tortoise is a female Russian Tortoise. Her shell will heal in time, and it will take awhile. When the flaky areas peel off on their own, there will be new shell growth underneath. Proper diet, proper lighting, and a good soak now and then will help. Since you just acquired her, I would...
  17. SweetGreekTorts

    Subspecies ID

    I'm still sticking with the original ID that Chris and I suggested, the terrestris/ibera mix. Looking great! Nice growth.
  18. SweetGreekTorts

    hatchling help!

    I agree with Yvonne about their enclosure possibly being not warm enough, so they stay under their heat lamp. First thing in the morning after I soak all my Greek hatchlings, they eat some breakfast, bask a little, wander a little, burrow and hide to sleep, eat some more food, etc. None of them...
  19. SweetGreekTorts

    Sub species help please

    I agree. I'm still learning a lot from Chris himself, and he's got much more experience than I do. I'm glad he was able to chime and I would trust his insight.
  20. SweetGreekTorts

    Costco Pumpkin for Redfoot

    Pumpkin is a safe food to feed (not the seeds or stringy guts, but the rind and bulk of the pumpkin can be fed). Just don't feed too much of it, as it can be a natural laxative for tortoises.