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  1. Reira Evenstar

    Hermanns Tortoise (Male), Table/Stand/Supplies - Pensacola, FL

    I am located just outside of Pensacola, FL. I have an adult male Hermans that I acquired at the beginning of November 2016 (off Craigslist, so I know nothing of his origins or age). He is now in good health, having spent 4 weeks at the vet recovering from an upper respiratory infection (that he...
  2. Reira Evenstar

    My Sulcata Tortoise Babies and me

    These are beautiful sullys...I'm enjoying the pictures!
  3. Reira Evenstar

    Reporting/Discussing a member

    How does one go about reporting a member/discussing concerns? Who are the forum owners/moderators? I primarily use the app so I think this information is hard to find or not even present to begin with :)
  4. Reira Evenstar

    Carolina Pet Supply

    I ordered from them and communication was poor. They eventually got all my orders together and sent out after I sent a message. I'm happy with all my seeds, and I'll order again because I love all the products offered like the seed mixes. Faster processing would be nice or an email letting you...
  5. Reira Evenstar

    Tortoise Town

    I ordered a baby Greek tort from Tortoise Town. Transaction was smooth and tort was overnighted with a hand warmer in the box. It was a beautiful tort. I soaked the tort upon opening and placed in enclosure. For the next three days, tort didn't eat, was lethargic, and didn't open eyes much. I...
  6. Reira Evenstar

    Nice to meet u all

    Welcome! Beautiful torts!
  7. Reira Evenstar

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    G Good morning!
  8. Reira Evenstar

    My new guy is a Hermanns, right? (also question about hiding place)

    Didn't want to start another thread (should I start one per topic?), but had some concerns about Mr. Darcy. He doesn't use his hide at all (big covered boxed side of table with opening) that is much more humid than the outer part. He generally burrows in his coconut coir substrate in the main...
  9. Reira Evenstar

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    Good morning!
  10. Reira Evenstar

    Wattage Issue

    But thanks for all the advice! I was worried and went to fix it ASAP. Was concerned about fire although it probably wasn't that much of a hazard. Probably worse for the bulb.
  11. Reira Evenstar

    Wattage Issue

    Well I went ahead and fixed my issue days ago...got the huge zoomed done rated fit my bulb and then a wire cage for the CHE. I usually buy off amazon if the price is lowest and I certainly don't ask for advice from a pet store ;) luckily this big box store was running a store wide discount so I...
  12. Reira Evenstar

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    Good night!
  13. Reira Evenstar

    How to switch from greens to grass

    Thanks for the tips. I'm going to see what I can do.
  14. Reira Evenstar

    How to switch from greens to grass

    So, I've got to get my new guy over his addiction to grocery store greens, particularly romaine. It's what he's used to. I'm offering it and mazuri and grasses/weeds and he only eats the greens/lettuce. If I take the greens completely away, will he starve himself or eat the grass/mazuri?
  15. Reira Evenstar


    We have always loved using Milorganite to fertilize our yards. I am wondering if it is tortoise safe at all. It says it's organic, but I know nothing about fertilizers (except to keep torts away). Here it is if you have no idea what I am talking about: http://www.milorganite.com/
  16. Reira Evenstar

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    My new guy....he is either going to be Finn or Mr. Darcy (I'm not expecting anyone to know why I'd choose that second name ha):
  17. Reira Evenstar

    My new guy is a Hermanns, right? (also question about hiding place)

    Interesting! Good to know :) I will need to figure out a good name now.
  18. Reira Evenstar

    My new guy is a Hermanns, right? (also question about hiding place)

    Is his tail suppose to be sideways like that? It stays that way, never straight out. Has it been damage?
  19. Reira Evenstar

    My new guy is a Hermanns, right? (also question about hiding place)

    Great :) Anyone else have a thought on the sex?