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  1. MichaelL

    Carolina Pet Supply Order

    Hello everyone. I had ordered kale seeds, russian tortoise seed mix, and TNT powder on February 2nd for my tortoises. I had gotten the order confirmation the day I ordered, and nothing since. It's been a while since I ordered, should I be worried my order slipped through or should I just wait...
  2. MichaelL

    I think my Lerato is dead.

    That sucks that she passed, my condolences to you. Would you consider keeping her shell for the memory? I really don't know if this was a stupid question but she was so beautiful and keeping her shell would be a good way to always remember and be reminded of her.
  3. MichaelL

    Carolina Pet Supply Customer Review

    I ordered TNT, Russian Tortoise Seed Mix, and 200 Kale seeds from them on February 2nd (17 days ago) I got the order confirmation on the day I ordered, and nothing since. I spent about 35 dollars, am looking forward to receiving the seeds so I can plant a little garden and grow plants for the...
  4. MichaelL


    I would use a A mix of organic potting soil and cypress mulch would be good, but I'm not sure for your specific species. I would just look in the section of enclosures for your specific tortoise, or search the web. Good luck!
  5. MichaelL


    Hahah no worries, I am no expert either;) It is basically an open topped, large enclosure that is kind of like a table with raised edges on each of the sides preventing escape. You can make one by putting a bookshelf on its side and taking the shelves out and then adding the soil and plants and...
  6. MichaelL

    How’s my enclosure

    Not bad! Love the russian
  7. MichaelL


    Also, just some constructive criticism, not trying to be mean/rude. You should probably not use a tank or that reptile carpet. I would make a nice, large tortoise table with a dirt/soil substrate and lots of room to move and dig. In that tank it looks like she can't really move much and doesn't...
  8. MichaelL


    Cool tortoise!
  9. MichaelL

    Russian Tortoise Keeping in the humid south

    They would for sure do well in my opinion. Tortoises can adapt amazingly. Mine live in an uphill, well drained loamy/sandy enclosure with many shelters, probably what yours will be like. They would definitely do well during the warmer spring, summer, and fall months and might do fine during...
  10. MichaelL

    Baby Burmese Stars are hatching

    @Markw84 I have that same weed that is the long leaf above the bottom left tortoise. I have been trying to identify it for so long! Do you know the name???
  11. MichaelL

    Russian Tortoise Keeping in the humid south

    This past year I brought two in to hibernate in the fridge and I do recommend hibernating your tortoise. I also recently purchased another one so during the winter the new one had to stay awake. I had been using a 2x4 tub from walmart for the few colder months. This isn't really recommended for...
  12. MichaelL

    Russian Tortoise Keeping in the humid south

    I keep my russians outside from march to around november here in north central Florida with an overall similar climate to yours, and they do fine. I have a dry hide they can go in when it rains during the summer and in that it stays overall dry. I don't worry much about them getting wet though...
  13. MichaelL

    White spots

    If they are scrapes then they are fine, but if it is shell rot or something it would need to be treated
  14. MichaelL

    White spots

    They look like little scrapes but I'm not sure
  15. MichaelL

    Hello, let me introduce myself!

    Beautiful tortoise!
  16. MichaelL

    Tortoise food and seed mix

    Yes, it is okay to buy seeds and grow the weeds, that would be awesome for the tortoise. One flower/weed that my tortoises will NEVER resist is white clover, I try not to feed it too too much because it has high protein but they love that so much. A website I use to see if plants are safe or...
  17. MichaelL

    Venus the 6 month Hermann's

    Beautiful tortoise!
  18. MichaelL

    Bad to Offer High Sugar Food Right After Hibernation?

    Hello everyone, thanks for any replies. I am going to wake up my Russian tortoises from hibernation this weekend after their first hibernation of about 9 weeks. I've heard that throughout hibernation, lots of Vitamin A is used up. So I was planning to offer lots of carrots and squash along with...
  19. MichaelL

    Weird shell growth

    Beautiful tortoise with beautiful growth!
  20. MichaelL

    good food ideas for Russian torts?

    Mine will literally run to me if I have hibiscus or any red food. I feed kale, florida pusley, weeds, ferns, romaine, roses, mulberry leaves, so many things to feed.