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    UVB vs Grow Light Bulbs

    Quick question.. while shopping for a uvb tube light I keep running across "Grow Lights" for indoor gardening. Do these emit uvb? Can they be used for my tortoise enclosure?
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    Help make sure that I have everything!

    Hey guys, So I'll be ordering my first ever pet tortoise this weekend - a hatchling Hermanns tortoise, and I want to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything for when she arrives. For her enclosure... She's quite small still, so my plan is to keep her in my ball pythons rubbermaid tub...
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    New, considering a tortoise and have questions

    Hey there, So I've been debating getting myself a smaller sized tortoise for a while now, but I need more information before I decide whether or not to jump into this. That being said I have a few questions which I hope can be answered on here :) The first is.. which kind? I'm leaning more...