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    3-toed Box Turtle adult Male needed!

    Have female 3-toed Box. Was an adoption. I never had any intention of keeping any turtles... Now I feel obligated to find her a mate so that her destiny will be fulfilled! I would say that I have gotten rather attached to her! I have a very secure enclosure outdoors. I live in an area that...
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    Little Bluestem grass (Schizachyrium scoparium) as a staple food.

    Schizachyrium scoparium (formerly Andropogon)- Little-Bluestem grass , is a native sod-forming grass from a large part of midwestern prairie land transitioning between the Tall-grass prairie and the Short-grass prairie. It is found in near desert conditions and moderately dry prairies...
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    Newbie from coastal southern California!

    Hi! Newbie from coastal Southern Calif. I have an adult female Three-toed Box Turtle that I adopted recently. At first I thought it might be a Gulf Coast Box but checked the hind feet... three claws was a dead give-away! At first was a very finicky eater even though had previously been in...