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    My Platysternon M. Shiui pair mating

    They mated three days in a row Jan 5-6-7 th. and the female has gained 50 grams in 3 weeks. Should see some eggs around Feb 16 th.
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    Platysternons hatched at Prospect Zoo!

    Amazing! I've never known zoos to hatch them until now. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Big-Headed-Turtle-Prospect-Park-Zoo-Brooklyn-236026871.html
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    Large Flapshell and others at San Diego Zoo.

    I took these back in 07' at San Diego Zoo. Huge Flapshell, Chitra and others..Enjoy:)
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    Platysternons hatching

    Heres a rare treat. Platysternons hatching (the only pictures around I think?). From several years back. Shared photo from Sue Teidemann. I had contacted her a while back for breeding advice, etc. Thought Gerard and Anthony would enjoy these too :)
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    Newly discovered species of Platysteronon found!

    Introducing..Platysternon Megacehairy!
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    My latest male Platysternon

    Introducing "Popeye". Was hoping he'd be a female, but it was difficult to tell by the sellers pictures. He's huge with a 7 inch carapace length and a bit over weight and carapace wear. Still happy with him, very unique.
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    Barbours Map Trio

    I recently got these back from a friend. Nice to have them back again after 4 years:) 1 adult female, 1 sub adult female, 1 adult male. Check out the size of the adult female and adult male together. The females get huge.
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    Box turtles I find in my yard

    I think I live in Box turtle heaven...Find them going through my property every Spring:)
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    Recently hatched 12 Cooters

    Rescued a nest of 12 eggs laid 5 ft from the freeway. All 12 hatched and doing well:)
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    Hi, I'm new to the boards here. The main species I work with are Platysternon Megacephalum. They are my favorite turtles. Anyone else here currently have any Platys? Thanks, Mark