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    Your tortoise definitely looks like Kinixys natalensis. I'm not familiar with this species, but maybe someone can chime in with care information. I believe that 70-80 degrees F is preferred. They do not well over about 90F. Keep an eye on the temperatures in your enclosure.
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    Post Your Burmese Star Photos

    Here's our male enjoying some sunshine today.
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    Are you using a heat lamp or heating bulb for his enclosure?
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    Is this the same tortoise from previous posts? What temperature is your tortoise enclosure?
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    Incubation Experiment

    @Tom Save me a baby!
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    Sulafat's A Boy!

    Congrats Karen! Beautiful tortoise
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    Our Bearded Dragon "Rusty"

    I thought I'd take a couple pictures of our bearded dragon "Rusty" enjoying the sunshine today. Bearded dragons really do have the best temperament and don't mind being handled. He is 5 years old now. Red translucent and 24" in length.
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    Kevin’s three month progress

    Very nice growth!
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    Is my campus bordering on animal abuse?

    Signed the petition. Thank you for being proactive and trying to help make a change. It’s sad to hear that a Biology department would be so uninformed regarding tortoise care and not be willing to address the concerns.
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    That is a beautiful cherry head. Stunning!
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    Sri Lankan Stars last summer and this summer

    I've kept mine in a closed chamber since it was a baby and maintained 80%+ humidity and mine is a bit bumpy as well. I had uvb lighting in the enclosure for the first 2 years and wonder if it plays a part or possibly genetics or both.
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    Sri Lankan Stars last summer and this summer

    I have a Burmese Star and confirmed male at 600 grams. Slightly concave plastron, the tail grew longer between 500-600 grams and I got a confirmed flash during a good soak.
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    Sri Lankan Stars last summer and this summer

    It's interesting that they spend most of the time outside in Phoenix, which is a dry climate. Nice smooth growth.
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    3 little platynota

    Pretty tortoise Karen! Nice yellow banding as well.
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    3 little platynota

    Awesome! Great video and you added two beautiful males.
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    A m a z o n and your credit card

    They might pull up in a cargo van and actually carrying a 250+ gallon fuel tank inside, which is rigged through the gas cap on the van. Nothing looks out of the ordinary, except the person takes a heck of a long time to fill up. They can resell the fuel cheaper than the gas station and it’s all...
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    A m a z o n and your credit card

    It’s actually not weird. Gas station fraud is huge in Florida. I’ve had a couple different corporate credit cards compromised and used at gas stations. Last time it was four charges of $500 overnight or $2,000. They call these “pump and dumps”
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    Bought a cherryhead from “tortoise town”

    Happy to see it’s doing well so far. Based on your picture, I would suggest you change the water dish to a small clay plant saucer that’s shallow and easy to get in and out of. Keep the temperature and humidity above 80. 80/80%. Good luck and you will find great information on this forum. Keep...
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    Official Rodriguez Chelonians Account

    Hello Amber! We spoke recently and glad to see you here officially.