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  1. William Lee Kohler

    Nighttime heat

    HOWEVER it should never be so close to the tortoises back that it can get overheated. Maybe 10-12" from the substrate at the minumum. A little higher is better and placed so it keeps the whole enclosure at or above the tortoises minimum needs at floor level. And DON"T use a clamp lamp! Hang...
  2. William Lee Kohler

    Total beginner needing advice

    I Is your tortoises name from(StarGate) SG1 by chance?
  3. William Lee Kohler

    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    There will only be as many as their environment will support. A full house means a clean house for the tortoises. I gotta get me some of these. Sow bugs(Isopods)are great house cleaners as well as food for some tortoises. This is responsible environmentalism for your tortoises.
  4. William Lee Kohler

    Concave scutes on plastron?

    Well I'd say it "helps" but soaking 40-45 minutes at least 5 days a week is much better but every day is better. Yours is still young enough it should help a lot. Post again in a year and lets see how it looks. By then your youngster should be 33-50% bigger
  5. William Lee Kohler

    Concave scutes on plastron?

    I'd have to add that as to what I can see your young one is not perfectly smooth on top at all but is pyramiding. With living conditions cannot see why but would be adding soaks and see if it starts smoothing out. The H2O dish is likely not deep enough to do the job.
  6. William Lee Kohler

    From hatching straight into hibernation?

    NO! Tropical tortoises don't. But during hot seasons they may take really long naps with reduced metabolism. At least this is what I have read.
  7. William Lee Kohler


    The more complicated it is the more things to fail. Simple is best.
  8. William Lee Kohler

    Meet baby Jellie

    Well then any tortoise with radiated patterns😁.
  9. William Lee Kohler

    Meet baby Jellie

    Radiateds always exceptional🤩.
  10. William Lee Kohler

    Meet baby Jellie

  11. William Lee Kohler

    Meet baby Jellie

    Well EXCUUUUUSE me for asking!
  12. William Lee Kohler


    How does a basking light NOT do that then?
  13. William Lee Kohler

    Meet baby Jellie

    You keep calling it a girl. How do you know:confused:?
  14. William Lee Kohler

    Deformed baby redfoot

    As others have said perhaps extra scutes makes extra special to some of us but not really any health defect. Follow the care sheet on here for them and this one will likely grow and straighten out just fine. Many hatchlings have somewhat warped or wrinkled shells and most grow up just perfect...
  15. William Lee Kohler


    Now there's one smart tortoise working to topple the idol of a false god.
  16. William Lee Kohler

    Please help. (how much)

    Mazuri original formula soaked until soft. Looks like poop but oh so good for them😋.
  17. William Lee Kohler

    New Desert Tortoise Hatchlings

    DON'T use Cedar chips with reptiles or small animals. It will kill them!