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  1. Alaskamike

    Nice outside water pan.

    Found this by accident while wandering through a Dollar store ( but it was $4- go figure ). It was called a “ boot tray “ I guess to put by your door for wet/muddy shoes. It’s plactic , fairly thick , and only about 1” high. I’ve put it in my Leopard’s surround. He can walk into it and...
  2. Alaskamike

    Skunk shares tortoise hide

    i posted this photo on my thread for Elder. But thought I’d put it here too. While watching Elder come out & eat yesterday - this little spotted skunk came out of the hide to steal Mazuri. It was a cold morning - 45f - maybe the skunk is sleeping in Elders box for warmth. This morning I put...
  3. Alaskamike

    Tortoises need love ❤️ too

    My 50lb Sal has a new girlfriend.
  4. Alaskamike

    What is this Florida Vine

    this is growing along the fence in my yard. I haven't thought much about it but now it is growing a seed pod. Since I don't know what it is - I'm concerned if I should remove it , but thought I'd ask here first. Anyone know ?
  5. Alaskamike

    Now what ..babies!

    I have 2 female adault Florida Box turtles I kinda inherited from a gal who was moving & couldn't keep 'em. Set them up in outside surround & basically feed & water them. Last year I got a male ( long story ). Put him in there but he wouldn't leave the girls alone so I found a good home for...
  6. Alaskamike

    First baby boxy

    Found while cleaning. Haven't seen more ( yet ) They are so small & even my full grown ones can seem to disappear :) Kinda interesting to have a baby ! I'll keep lookin'.
  7. Alaskamike

    Abscess on box turtles ear

    I was brought a Florida Box Turtle this weekend. Been a pet for a couple years. The turtle was being kept outside in a good pen by a teen. His parents heard I keep tortoises and asked if I would take him since shes sick and they can't afford a vet. Upon examination I find two problems...
  8. Alaskamike

    Breeding age / size of Easterns

    I'm full of questions nowadays. Lol. Can anyone tell me at what size their Eastern Box Turtles were able to breed / lay eggs ? Age is difficult to determine since I didn't raise mine myself. Either length of plastron or weight ?
  9. Alaskamike

    Easterns in Florida - hibernation?

    Hi all Does anyone raise Easterns in the Deep South ? I have a few and this is their 1st Winter in South Florida. What passes for Winter here is mostly lower humidity , less rain , 70-80f and sunny days but down in the 40s-50s at night. We might have an occasional freeze , but not in the...
  10. Alaskamike

    9 lb Sulcata Male

    I am thinking seriously about finding a new home for my male sulcata "Tiny". It is not urgent, just on my mind. I took him in 9 mos ago as a " Rescue" since he was not getting good care. Paid the owner $200 for him ( crazy I know) and set him up in a good environment here in So Florida. Since...
  11. Alaskamike

    Differences in hibernation.

    Question : I have Florida Box Turtles and a couple Easterns. They live outside here in South Florida. Our temps in the few months we call winter vary from 60-75f during the day with most days full sunlight to as low as 32f at night ( occasionally). Some winters it never drops below 40f. Is...
  12. Alaskamike

    Super worms

    Anyone using Superworms to feed your Boxies ? I got some and dropped a few in front of my male and he gobbled them up on no time. I feed my box turtles in their enclosure - just allow them to come out in the early morning and find it. Not sure how to get the Superworms to them since these...
  13. Alaskamike

    Tortoise Tags?

    Tortoise security I feel like I am sooooo careful to protect and keep my tortoises safe. But the other day , my 36 lb sulcata " Sal" pushed under a place in the chain link fence, while I was in the house. The recent heavy rains created a wash out there I didn't notice. And Sal was doing a...
  14. Alaskamike

    Raw spot on Sulcata leg.

    Today while handling Tiny , my 9 lb Sulcata , I noticed a raw rub spot on the inside of his front leg. Checked the other side and had an identical spot on the other front leg. After some checking I realized that the 2nd flares of caprice from his head had sharp edges. So I found a steel...
  15. Alaskamike

    What are Trophy points ?

    What are trophy points and when can I turn them in to get a free Tortoise ? :)
  16. Alaskamike

    I just introduced myself , but then.....

    These are questions I think some new people wonder about. After the questions. If any member would like to pick a # and answer that one , it would be great. I'm new ...just made an introduction , so How come .... 1. Everyone wants to see pics of my tortoise and enclosure 2. I almost...
  17. Alaskamike

    Crazy Foster Dad

    Okay.... so, The daughter of my GF, Nichole, started her youngster in preschool the other day, and in the classroom a teacher had these 2 turtles in a plastic container (about 12" X 16") of sand with a small water bowl. She took pictures because the teacher was not sure what they were (Plus...
  18. Alaskamike

    Advice needed for shell damage

    Sassy Sally Adopted a very nice 36 lb Slucata this Sunday. Very personable ( like most Sully's) and well taken care of. She has a bit of a shell issue - center caprice. She was hit by a car at 2 yo. She is now 8. They didn't do anything but allow her to heal - if she would - and she did...
  19. Alaskamike

    What is this plant - edible?

    Found in South Florida
  20. Alaskamike


    Adopted about a 30lb Sulcata, I guess I never get tired of building another enclosure LOL She is 8 yrs old, and had a run in with a car many years back, and still has some shell issues on top of caprice that I don't like the looks of.. I'll be posting more about this in the health section...