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  1. KarenSoCal

    HELPP!!! I Think My Baby Sulcata Get MBD

    I'm so sorry your baby is sick! How long have you actually had him? Who told you he's 2 months old? Have you weighed him? Please do that (in grams) and tell us. What kind of substrate, lights, and heating are you using? What are the temperatures in his enclosure? 4 temps...basking, cool...
  2. KarenSoCal

    Nighttime heat

    It's very gratifying to give advice to a new keeper and that keeper acts on the suggestions given. All too often newbies want to argue every idea we present. In a short time, if you stick around, you'll be able to help someone out. 🤓
  3. KarenSoCal

    Please Help ID This Lost Turtle

    Which means that it is probably someone's lost pet. Have your friend tried to find its owners? Put up fliers, etc?
  4. KarenSoCal

    Russian tortoise seems off - small breathing noises

    Nose bubbles and weird sounds are a sign of a possible respiratory infection. Many times a tortoise will get over this on his own with a little help from you. Respiratory infections are frequently caused by temps that are too cold. Have you been measuring the temp down at tortoise height...
  5. KarenSoCal

    Possible cyst or overreaction?

    When I zoom in I can see a bump-like spot at the bottom of your black circle. Is that what you mean? It almost looks like a pimple, or maybe 2. I see 2 spots, very close together, that look like they could come to a head. There is some peeling skin farther down the neck, but the spots don't...
  6. KarenSoCal

    EMERGENCY tortoise isn’t eating

    Eye issues in babies are frequently caused by the wrong kind of UVB light. What kind do you use? CFL, compact, mercury vapor, or fluorescent tube type? Does it screw into a socket, or is it a fluorescent tube fixture? Was it a vitamin A shot the vet gave? Where did he inject? Front or rear...
  7. KarenSoCal

    EMERGENCY tortoise isn’t eating

    Is this the same tortoise as in your previous post? You called him Bowser on there, and here you call him Sherman. Just making sure it's the same tort!
  8. KarenSoCal


    If you're going to keep him awake, it doesn't matter what the outdoor temps are. You control his temps in his enclosure. For your tort to brumate, he would need to be in a cool place that stays about 40°F all the time, day and night, for several months. However, he cannot be allowed to...
  9. KarenSoCal

    What should my tortoise enclosure be

    We're going to need a lot more info to answer that, so here come the questions. 1) Indoor or outdoor enclosure? 2) About how old is your Russian? Hatchling, juvenile, adult? 3) How are you housing the tortoise now? 4) Could we have a couple pictures of your tortoise and the current enclosure?
  10. KarenSoCal

    Happy Birthday, Macy!

    We miss you, Macy! I hope you've had an awesome happy birthday!
  11. KarenSoCal

    Growing in a grow tent

    Thank you, Mark! I'm looking forward to digging deep into that site.
  12. KarenSoCal

    Growing in a grow tent

    Yes! I've found the same thing to be true! I've tried 3 years to grow grape vines. They do well, look great, I even had a grape begin to form. Then July hits, and even if I shade them some, they go brown and die. I tried growing them indoors all winter, before putting them out in spring...
  13. KarenSoCal

    Breeder: "Tortoises Home" in Las Vegas

    Look at the price for an adult aldabra...$1100. No one legitimate sells an adult aldabra for that. $3000 or $4000 is more like it. I say scam.
  14. KarenSoCal

    looking for good basking bulb

    Have you looked at the ones I linked in post # 3? Incandescent, and not spot. In a dome would they work?
  15. KarenSoCal

    Should my Hermann Tortoise brumate in his terrarium or the fridge?

    Hello, and welcome to the forum! We have a member who is an expert on Hermann's tortoises, and has written a care sheet for them. I would suggest that before we get into a discussion, you read it. All of it is important, but brumation is covered at the very end. Just scroll til you see it...
  16. KarenSoCal

    Don't do what I did yesterday. I almost lost my Cholla.

    I'm so glad you found her! My heart was pounding just reading your account! Doing my happy dance! 💃
  17. KarenSoCal

    Growing in a grow tent

    Wow! They're cool, but 🤑🤑🤑!
  18. KarenSoCal

    Growing in a grow tent

    I'm sold...ordering the spectra lights.
  19. KarenSoCal

    One of my Indian Stars passed away

    This is just heartbreaking! So sweet and innocent! It kind of sounds like failure to thrive, but who knows? I'm just so sorry. Hugs to all 🤗
  20. KarenSoCal

    looking for good basking bulb

    I don't know about those. You could give these a try. They are incandescent, but did not pop up "can't be shipped to your address". I know the one is blue. But since we Californians are in this dilemma, maybe it doesn't matter so much...