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    Advice on outdoor warming of adult Greek tortoises

    We moved our 2 adult Greek tortoises to large outside enclosures over the summer. They have thrived in the new spaces. I live in Oakland, CA so we don’t get extreme cold but our nights are getting cool now and we’ve gotten as low as 38 degrees F. I moved them into un-heated indoor enclosures...
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    Worried about our new Greek hatchling (first time w/hatchling)

    Hello, We are new to having a hatchling and so nervous we could be doing things wrong. Our tiny Golden Greek just hatched yesterday and it’s been a bit over 24 hours but he’s (we think it’s a male) not moving much and won’t eat. He’ll walk a tiny bit, so I know he’s able to. He seemed more...
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    Just hatched our first baby Greek - very new to hatchlings

    Hello, We aren’t breeders but serendipitously our male & female Greeks mated and we got eggs. We found 2 were viable and the first just hatched yesterday. I’ve gotten all the tips on habitat, lighting, bathing, etc. we haven’t gotten him to eat yet and I’m trying to figure out what food to...