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  1. DandR

    Aloha, again

    A big MAHALO to Ken at HI Tortoise Rescue for accepting Donburi & Rafiki, our 2 unplanned and unintended rescues, into his organization yesterday! Thanks to this forum, we were able to get the 2 sullies to a stable point, despite having never owned torts, or any reptiles for that matter. The...
  2. DandR

    Potential death of another Sulcata

    I've been following every step and am very sorry to hear this. You did everything within your power and at your disposal to save your babies. It's heartbreaking. I'm no expert, but by the size of the stone, it seems as if it was there, or at least developing, before you even got her...
  3. DandR

    An old friend decided to get a tortoise on a whim and I'm mad

    Whenever family, friends or visitors express even the slightest bit of interest, I ask them to help me soak and feed them. If, they're still around after watching the torts poop, rinsing them off and emptying the water, then they've passed half the test. If they get all creeped out, I ask them...
  4. DandR

    Share some sulcata pics

    Our 2 rescues, Rafiki and Donburi!
  5. DandR

    Does Anyone Know What this is?

    Thanks! I went ahead and fed a couple of leaves to them a couple of days ago. Of course they ate it. Nothing unusual so far.....
  6. DandR

    Does Anyone Know What this is?

    If it helps, the leaves are very soft with a velvet-y feel on the underside. Thanks for whatever help anyone can give me!
  7. DandR

    Order Your Forum T-Shirt!

    Thanks for all of your effort, Yvonne! We LOVE the shirts and, amazingly, Donburi & Rafiki actually bowed down to the Aladar god!
  8. DandR

    Does Anyone Know What this is?

    Hi - These have suddenly sprung up in dense patches all over our yard. Can someone tell me what it is and if it's a safe food? Thanks!
  9. DandR

    Order Your Forum T-Shirt!

    I'm small also, but this is for a worthy cause! I'm grateful for the people who put endless hours into making this forum work, constantly repeating themselves all for the benefit of others, without any real compensation. Many people would be lost and/or have lost their torts if it weren't for...
  10. DandR

    Habitat Smells?

    Not sure if this helps, but ss the smell more on the organic side? Like putrid meat (gross, I know). On two separate occasions, after I soaked new coir, that's what it smelled like. One was purchased off Amazon and one was from my local pet store. But the the awful smell was immediately...
  11. DandR

    2 yr old sulcata average size and weight?

    Hi and welcome! I have 2 sulcatas that I rescued from very poor conditions. I was worried about their size & weight and was told that all tortoises grow at different rates. We've had them with us for 10 months now, feeding and housing them according to the TFO care sheets. Currently, the 5...
  12. DandR


    Thanks, everyone! I'll increase the soaks and see how it goes.
  13. DandR


    Thanks. I forgot to mention that I do spray their food, as well as give them aloe and/or jade plant every other day. I've learned here that giving aloe that often may cause diarrhea, but that's never happened. In fact, when they don't have it for a few days, they're poop drags behind them...
  14. DandR


    Don't mean to hijack Gabby's post, but I'm having the same problem with 2 juvenile sulcatas who came from crowded and dry conditions. Now, they're soaked daily for 45 minutes, fed grass / leaves / weeds, and their hides are kept at 85F with 70% humidity. In addition, we're in Hawaii where...
  15. DandR

    Moving to Hawai'i

    You might want to contact Island Pet Movers. Several people we know have used them with good and happy results. Good luck and welcome to the islands!
  16. DandR

    help now! (prolapse)

    I'm so sorry to hear of this. Your work is very inspiring.
  17. DandR

    Hello from Saginaw, Michigan

    Welcome! THIS site is the only one you'll need to raise your baby properly. The sulcata keepers here are very knowledgeable and current on caretaking practices. Following their advice will lead to a healthy baby. It saved the lives of my 2 rescues.