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  1. pawsplus


    My adult redfoot had some rehydrated dry cat food this afternoon--something she does weekly. Now she is making a funny sound. I will try to get video. She is soaking in the tub right now, as I'm hoping she drinks. It seems likely the culprit was the cat food, as she was fine beforehand...
  2. pawsplus

    Thermostats with CHEs

    I have only used very low-wattage CHEs in the past--and not since Beasley's baby enclosure many years ago. I am experimenting with a 160 watt CHE in Beasley's 4x6 open indoor enclosure, and man is it hot. I raised the lamp it's in way up and have gotten it to be 90F in that area, which is OK...
  3. pawsplus

    I just pulled a "Terms of Endearment" on my tortoise

    She was basking under the UVB light (oddly -- more on that later) and she looked cute with her feet kicked back. Then I walked up and realized her head was stretched out in front of her and her eyes were closed. "Beasley?" I said. Nothing. "BEASLEY!" as I reached for her shell. Poor thing...
  4. pawsplus

    Mulberry leaves

    So I got some from someone who has a mulberry tree (unsprayed) and Beasley (redfoot) hates them. :( She devours hibiscus and I figured they aren't that different, but apparently they are. I keep offering them and she keeps looking at me like I'm offering her meth. As far as I can tell, she...
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    Hibiscus in the house?

    I always get Beasley a few hibiscus bushes every summer and when it gets cold they just die. I don't plant them (just mourn the pot in her large outdoor pen) and doubt they would survive the winter here. But might they do OK inside? My cats eat plants but at least it's non-toxic LOL. I could cut...
  6. pawsplus

    Enclosure updates

    OK. So building off my "Humidifier Angst" thread . . . I have reworked some things. I still have a humidifier (another brand than the one that leaked) on the way. I can keep the humidity up without it, but if it works, great! If this one leaks too, I will probably give up and just keep pouring...
  7. pawsplus

    Dehydrated dandelion greens

    I ordered some. The plan is to coat all fruit with it this winter when I can't get fresh dandelion greens. I have a redfoot, so she gets more fruit than a lot of species. Has anyone fed this? I got them here:
  8. pawsplus

    Is Beasley still female?

    So 12 years ago, when Beasley (redfoot) was 10, I was told she was female. I just want to make sure, I guess. I've seen so many vent shots on forums and at this point they all look the same. Please don't tell me we have to do yet another gender transition! Not sure I can do that again...
  9. pawsplus

    Introducing Beasley

    Figured it was time to introduce myself and my Redfoot, Beasley. :-) She is now 22 and has been with me since she was a hatchling. Outlasted my ex husband by 6 years! :-) Back when I first got her, I was on a lot of forums and listservs, but once things were going well, I eventually dropped...
  10. pawsplus

    Humidfier angst

    Ugh. Trying to get a better humidifying system for my redfoot's indoor enclosure ahead of the winter. I have long relied on spraying everything down with an industrial sprayer several times a day and want to get a humidifer. I really do NOT want to have to rig a human humdifier--trying to...
  11. pawsplus

    ISO of a particular redfoot female

    This is an odd question. I gave (did not sell) an adult female redfoot to Merilyn Abbott of Central Florida Reptile Farm (Abbot's Turtle Farm) of Cocoa Beach, FL in 2003. I was in a situation where I could not provide, temporarily, an appropriate outdoor pen for a large tortoise and I felt it...